[Wanted] Bandit 600 cam journal cap

My brother’s after a new cam journal cap for his Bandit 600. It’s the leftmost one on the intake camshaft (as viewed from on the bike), or the one neatly circled in this image.

He’s doing his best to buy as little of the engine as possible, ideally down to that part, but is open to offers of near-complete engines, or where you’ve bought an engine to nick the pistons or something out of and now have the rest knocking around.

Been going round breakers but none want to go that small.

Anyone got anything like this knocking around, or know anyone who’d be willing to sell it without the rest of the head?


Don’t think you’ll have much luck I’m afraid. Think that’s going to require a trip to your local suzuki dealer.

I’m not sure if you can just replace the bearing cap - on a lot of bikes they’re line bored in one piece to make sure that the journals are perfectly round and straight.You usually have to replace the head if you ruin the bearing cap(s)