WANTED: any old LCD monitor

Hi folks,

I am looking for an LCD monitor for my mum’s PC-the only catch is it’s for her house in France and I’m leaving on Friday morning! I am just looking for a cheap replacement for one the removal men smashed, stuff like this is quite expensive over there and she doesn’t know where to look.

I am going down on Friday so looking for one before then. There are a few IT peeps on here so what have you got gathering dust on top of your wardrobe?I ask for LCD as I dont have room in the car for a CRT.

Thanks :smiley:

If you don’t mind coming to Orpington in Kent I’ve a 19" flat panel you can have inc leads?

andrew’at’londonbikers.com is best way to get in touch if you want it.

Someone is in most of every day too so easy with collection.