WANTED Alpinestars Ladies leather jacket

Anyone got one their looking to sell? Thought it was worth a shot! :slight_smile:

Have you tried one on? Alpinestars are not made that big and I think they have shorter sleeves when that small (as obviously limb length corresponds to chest size! or maybe it does in Italy??? lol). My AS leather jacket is a 42 and I remember thinking your Dainese textile jacket was about the right size for me…(think I bought one size up in the end though just so I had more room around my swimmers shoulders. :hehe: )

Yeh funnily enough after our conversation I tried on some alpinestars jackets the other week and 38 seems to be my size. Annoying though as there is one on e-bay in a 40!! Was hoping I’d come up slightly bigger but alas no!
I must have short arms or something! :hehe:

I just have broad shoulders which makes a brand new leather jacket very uncomfortable and the sleeves feel shorter. Good for reaching for things though :slight_smile: