Wanted 4 pot calipers

I’m after a good set of 4 pot calipers nothing from the 80s lol

They can’t be radial so any side mount ones would be good

So whats up with the ones you’ve got?

Just in case the 6 pots are crap

The tokico’s will be more than enough stopping power, even for you :wink: Just be sure to use a radial mastercylinder. Much better than the older 4 pots

I’ve heard nothing but bad things about these calipers since buying them
Plus if u get 4 pots they should bolt straight on

Worked perfectly well for me. Much better than the standard lot, but then they are second best when compared to the brembo’s I got on the Busa.

But for what you’ve got they should be better than OK.

But those are radial calipers you had on the green

These are the side mount 90mm spaced ones but my forks are 80mm I think

Thought your front end was a K5 with radials?

Nope k2 1000 bling bling

Ahhhhh, my mistake.

Doughnut that’s why I won’t need a radial mc but am having doubts about the 6 pots

Will find out tonight if the srad wheel clears the forks with the discs on tonight

I can confirm that Tokico 6 pots lack feel. I have replaced mine with Nissin 4 pots. These are much better!

Ok give me yours then :slight_smile:

I think I’ve got a set of nissin 4 pots ( srad 750) I think, I’ve also got a set of 4 pots from gixxer6 k4, if your still after a set??

I’ll get some pics of em on Monday!!

They should do the job very nicely!!


got these laying about, gold ones are k4 gixxer 6, grey nissins are srad 750, polished ones i believe are early r6, not too sure, the single gold one i have got no idea what its from!!:slight_smile:











Nice one Adam how much for the polished ones?

If you are replacing Tokico 6 pots, I suspect the ones you need are the grey Nissins.

give us £70 for em and a fiver for postage? unless your down in dorset before november??

or if you wanna wait, i’m up at kawasaki uk for the second week in november so could sort out meeting at the ace or somthing??