Wanted - 2004 750 GSXR

Hi everyone - Im on the look out for a K4 750 GSXR, seen plenty of 600’s for sale but not many 750’s in the white/blue colours, must be quite local to Kent too if possible - will need someone to come along with me and look at a bike that knows their stuff & wouldnt mind riding it home for me as my test isnt until 4 weeks time.

Seen the one on ebay with 810 miles but something seems a bit fishy with it, blokes well evasive with my questions.


Good choice

If there is one for sale round my way (Surrey), I would be happy to go have a look for you.

Cheers If one pops up anywhere really that someone can look at for me that’d be great, I’ve got cash waiting

you can have my thou if that helps ,having said that prob best not to till you done some miles not as forgiving as the 750 , the thou,s bite if you get lazy, fun though

Think you mght find the 750 can bite as well, especially if you only bike experience is on a DAS bike.

still its not my choice so go for whatever you want fella.

Adz might be able to give ou a few ponters on what to look for.

Well I’ve got a years riding experience behind me - not loads I know but I think Im ready for a bigger bike now & Im gonna just use it at the weekends for a bit to get used to it. I’ve seen a nice 600 GSXR for sale aswell though, 2.5k miles FSH etc, Im kind of torn between the 2 now

What sort of money you looking to spend??

What you got?

Around £4.5k

got 3ish 600’s - but that budget is a bit low for the 750’s (unless high milage - or some damage)

Have you had quotes for a 750 (surprised their not pulling your pants down to insure you on a 750 with a years experiance!!)

Well seen a few for sale on ebay for around £4500 - 1 went for £4700 with 810 miles on it, they seem to really range in price depending on where you look.

What 600’s you got in?

gsxr K2/k3/k4/k5

r6 03/04/05/06

zx6 j-series, c series


Did you want it straight away. I have a 2004 GSXR 750 (Rizla replica) but wanted to sell it at the end of AUGUST ish.

I’m the only owner from new, it has full Suzuki dealer service history it will have done approx 10k miles and I wanted £5000. Have all the bills, original bill of sale including ordering the paint work, came direct from Crescent. Has yoshi end can, crash protectors, gear shift indicator, Cat 1 alarm + immobiliser, just passed its first MOT. Its Clacton in Essex, so not mega miles away. Loads more info if your willing to wait + interested let me know.




dam that bike looks clean…

dont like rizla reps myself…

but thats a nice bike

that looks well clean, might be giving you a call at the end of august, depending on what money i can make before then!

been thinking about a 750!

Im not after a bike anymore - went for a 600 in the end