Wanted - 125cc

Good day all,

I just did my CBT last weekend, and have decided to go the route of learning on a 125cc with the L-plates for a couple of months before moving on to doing the DAS.

Now, the thing is that I will be moving away again towards autumn, therefore I’d like a bike with some re-sale value. And I think I’ve narrowed it down to Honda CBF/CBR 125. Of course, I’m not limited to these models, so would be pleased to hear from you if you have something else.

It will be used on the work-commute within London (Tottenham to the city, and then back again in the afternoon), and I’d like to get out of London in the weekends. So also some “touring” if it can be called that. Go have a look at Stonehenge and what not… And of course also the meet-ups!

In that regards - does anyone have one for sale? :slight_smile: Or can recommend me some on the different sites? I’ve been window-shopping a bit on Motorcyclenews and Autotrader, but have no idea what to look (out) for. I was looking to spend up to £1.500,- as this will leave me with some cash to also get gear.

Also, this will be the first time I’m buying a vehicle in the UK. Have I understood it correctly that before purchase I will have to arrange to get insurance sorted? All other taxes and such follow the bike, so in that regard I will only have to fill out the change of ownership-form?
Can I arrange insurance on the day of purchase? It seems a bit silly if I arrange insurance, then go to look at the bike and decide not to buy it. This leaves me with insurance for a bike I don’t have :slight_smile: But, then again, I will have to have insurance BEFORE I can drive the bike home if I do purchase it?

Pleased to hear, all your help and assistance will be much appreciated!

edit: Does for example this one look like a decent purchase? ( http://www.motorcyclenews.com/mcn/bikes-for-sale/searchresults/detail/honda/cbf125/2009/_/R-NXGN-7613325?mfy=12.015202 )

Hi and welcome to LB. it looks like you’re pretty informed already.
if you want resale value, I think the Yamaha R125 is the best option at the moment.

you can buy insurance online the same day after you purchase the bike.

CBF125 will be in your budget

ask if the fuel pump has been changed its a fault Honda know about & should have been done under warranty

I’d recommend an older first bike/commuter, something with less plastics to get broken when you drop it :wink:

Look at some 5 to 10 year old Honda CG125’s or Yamaha YBR125’s, you’ll pick up a fairly decent bike for less than £1,000.

If you want a top box on the back, and you probably will for the commute, then the YBR125 may be the better choice as it comes with a rear rack as standard.

Thanks for all your kind replies thus far.

The Yamaha R125 looks nice, but seems to be quite a higher budget. Also, I am not sure if I am a total fan of the looks, which look very “racey” :slight_smile: Also, as this will be my first time on a bike, I’d rather have a cheap one (less fairings) as I’ll probably drop it at some point. At least that’s what I’ve read that I will :slight_smile:

I have already sent the seller an e-mail regarding the other gear he will also sell (as I would probably need a disc lock and such anyway). Will follow up with the fuel pump-issue once I have a reply from him. Thanks for making me aware!

With regards to the YBR125. I did the CBT on one, and while they were ok, I really didn’t like how it looked. I know this shouldn’t be an issue since this will basically be for learning only, but I’ll avoid it if I can :slight_smile:

Lastly, Chiswick Honda (hoping this link works, scroll to the bottom of the page) also both a CBF125 and a CBR125 of about the same cost.

Would it be “safer” to buy from a retailer like them, rather on the open market? I will head over to them this weekend anyhow, just to have a look at try to sit on both.

and there’s a reason why so many CBT training centres use the YBR125’s and CG125’s :wink:

you might be better off buying your gear then seeing what you have left for a bike

a late CG 125 is a good one to go for

my son wanted a rs125 so I got him a cbf125 lol

or you could go http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/Cars-Motorcycles-Vehicles-/9800/i.html?_from=R40&_sac=1&_nkw=cb125 nice old shitter will go on forever

don’t scrimp on safety, bikes can be replaced you cant !

Regardless of what bike I get, I’ve planned about 250-300 on gear, of which 100 will be allocated to a helmet that fits me perfectly. Then textiles also.

Anyhow, after reading up a bit more, I’m now also leaning back towards the YBR125 after all :slight_smile: Naked bikes have a much higher appeal to me for some reason, and I reckon the YBR125 is a good a place as any to start.
Plus, I’ve also come across quite a few forum threads today where people are having issues with the CBF. And with the YBR also being cheaper, I guess I can sacrifice some of the looks :slight_smile:

Now, if anyone have one, then please do shout out!

Alternatively, is your son looking to sell his CBF, Wise? :slight_smile:

the CBF has fuel pump problems out of warranty it could be very expensive

Appreciate your honesty! :slight_smile:

its better to be honest & you get on a bike than watch you buy a pill of shyte & have second thoughts

you should look at soending a bit more on a good helmet

Race Visors have a good deal going at the mo

& Alphs has some good deals going

Thanks for your feedback, Wise!
Will check out helmets in-store first, and then take it from there.

Meanwhile, does anyone have any ideas on this one ( http://www.motorbike-warehouse.co.uk/usedproductdetails.php?pid=1622 ). The Kymco K-Pipe, it looks rather small, so will have to sit on it in person first and in terms of looks, it is love/hate I guess :slight_smile:
But it’s a cheap price (new are about £1,600 it seems)…

Spend more on the helmet and the gear as you are going to have it for a while and you want good stuff so it lasts/protects more.

YBR you can get for 1k and probably sell it for 1k in a few months time.

That is the only advice you need on what to buy… Now - if its not Taxed you will need to insure it in order to tax it, to get it on the road legally it will need Tax, MOT and insurance and your good to go - don’t wait until the day to insure it - go online and get loads of quotes until you have found the cheapest, when you have found the bike and paid the deposit re-do the quote with the correct registration and make sure its the same price and buy it then (because prices can change from one day to the next) and you are good to go!

http://www.helmetcity.co.uk/ - good deals on last years helmets

J&S are ok for gear but take someone with you who know about gear as the salesmen aren’t the most honest, however if you go to one of the new shops that some LBers work at (Hanger lane is Fireblade Paul & Clapham??) and say your from LB not only will they help you, you may get a discount/good deal from them!

Welcome to the world of Biking and LB.:smiley:

Many thanks for your feedback SeanR1! :slight_smile:

Will most definitely stop by Hanger Lane (the one with Infinity Clothing then?)!

Do you have any views on buying used from private vs buying used from a shop?

Getting the “security” of buying from a shop is of course better, but if I buy from a private person I’m thinking it would be much better/safer to buy from somebody that is a forum member.

On the other corner to Infinity is J&S Accessories (used to be hein Gericke), Paul is a top bloke. Buying 2nd hand is entirely down to budget/funds available and Warranty vs Check over, basically you have two options.1. Buy from a dealer and get 6month warranty - but pay more for the bike realistically2. Buy privately for less BUT bring someone experienced with you to check it over, someone like Scorch on here - don’t think he would charge much to take a look? But as mentioned before by me and others, focus on the right gear not the cheap gear as utimately this is going to be around for longer then the bike and more importantly what protects you.

Thanks, Sean!

Yeah, I won’t skimp out on gear. I’m old enough to appreciate my back being straight… :slight_smile:

May be looking more towards a dealership then. Mainly because I have no idea what to look for during checks. And all my biker-friends are still to be made once I start coming to meets :slight_smile:
Secondly, as I may have to sell it off again after some months, it may be easier to sell it back, of course at a reduced rate, to the dealer again.
Thirdly, it’ll give me the 6/12 month warranty, which is really all I need for now. By that time I will either have moved, or gone DAS and ready to get another bike.

So, if anyone has any dealerships with used bikes to recommend, please let me know :slight_smile:
Meanwhile will continue the hunt on the internet…

Don’t know where your based and if you drive, but On Yer Bike in Aylesbury get the thumbs up from me and a few others on here!

Im in Tottenham without wheels, so ideally something within tube-distance from here :slight_smile: