Wanted 125cc bike

May take a scooter but prefer geared bike like a cbf/cbr 125 or a Yamaha ybr 125. Will give cash on top for the right bike ! But anything considered
It’s for my wife to do cbt and learn road craft on. Body work not important but would prefer something mechanically sound.
See my other add for pix of the Diversion if you want a trade.

Im guessing your not after an 11 year old project that probably wont pass an MOT in this state…

What ya got buddy? The worst that can happen is i say no :cool::hehe:

its a 1998 Yamaha SR125, head gasket wants replacing (buns oil), one of the bolts holding the exhaust into the engine is broken (head snapped off, and ceased into the engine head) (makes it rather loud), bits of bodywork missing, and the headlight surround is a different color.

ill see if i can dig up a picture of it…
(i need to check some other things first as well)

Bloody hell thats in a sorry state mate:w00t: would it not be kinder to stick a bullet in its brain and put it out of its misery :hehe::hehe:

I’ve got a CBF 125 with 100 miles on the clock - looking at about £1700. My wife had it for her CBT, did that then lost interest after seeing two bad off’s with air ambulance’s on scene…

If your interested, let me know n I’ll give you some more details.

shhh - dont worry shes outside and didn’t hear you :stuck_out_tongue:

its my ‘project bike’ from when i passed my test.
yes all that has changed from when i passed my test was that i keep nicking bits off of it (like the mirrors)

oh, and yes Rob’s CBF would be better, less chance of putting her off motorbikes :w00t:

Hi Rob
Nice bike them are lol but way over my budget but thanks anyways
Cheers Steve

got a tear old YBR125 thats up for sale. got about 7 or 8k on it. £1500 onco.

its 7,206 miles :slight_smile:

let me know what your budget is and i might say yes or might say no :slight_smile:

If you are looking to buy new. I might be able to help. PM me