HEY im looking for a 125 its my first bike

What is your budget, and what are you going to use the bike mainly for, and are you in central london or a bit further out?

Loads of choice with a 125, but let us know a few more details and we can pick a few out on Ebay or autotrader for you… If you are central and need someone to have a look a bike to make sure it isnt a dog, then post up and either myself or someone else might be able to go along with you.

hi ian im not to sure which 125 to get im still learning which bike is the best any idea …i will mainly be using it for everyday use ie back and forward to work and getting around

Budget will depend, but for everyday riding, all the Honda CB125, Yam YBR125 or the suzuki GS or GN 125, Kwasaki do the AR 125 as well, but this kinda old now I think. These would be good unless you are taller than 5ft 10, if you are larger, then might be better to step up to the Honda Varadero 125, or a more enduro styles like the Yamaha DT125 or the Honda XR125.

Lots of choices, all fairly solid jsut so long as you steer clear of those that have been couriered.

Don’t forget there are loads of 125cc Scooters too.

They may be useful for communting work.

Some actually look ok.:wink:

Oi!! It’s a proven fact that all scooters look lovely :P:D;)Serioulsy though, I can’t see that gears are an advantage for commuting (unless of course you want to practise changing up and down the box between each of the zillion sets of traffic lights that are on my journey to work in Central London. Which I suppose you might want to do if you’re learning and your ultimate aim is to ride a geared bike)