Wanted: 100+cc Honda scooter, £700 budget.

I have around £700 to buy my first ride. Perhaps I’m being a little presumptuous as my application for a Provisional is still being processed and haven’t done the CBT :hehe:.

Sorry, but I’m a bit picky:

  • looking for a 125 ideally, but anything above 100 might be okay,
  • ideal models Honda SH, Dylan or similar i.e. automatic, larger wheels (not Piaggio 1p’s), reliable, storage room (other models considered of course),
  • top box would be nice, but might be able to stretch to a little extra £s for it (same goes for a decent chain/ lock),
  • must have at least one spare key and service history/ previous documentation,
  • 4 stroke (no lawnmowers),
  • within zone 4 preferred.

I realise that I might be being a bit particular here :blink:, but I’d really welcome any suggestions LBs might have on the issue.

Basically, do you know anyone who is getting out of the scootering game and would like to sell on their bike & gear?

I’d go for a bike if poss.
I originally got a scooter but did my CBT on a bike and realised I preferred the bike to a scooter, so I sold the scooter after vary little use !