Want to work at Motoden Honda?

Morning all:

As you are all probably aware, Motoden is the capital’s newest and fastest growing Honda motorcycle dealer.

We are now into our third year of business and are looking to expand our workforce.

There are two job opportunities that have arrisen for the start of the new season.

Firstly we are looking for a new junior salesman to join our existing team. Previous sales experience is a bonus but not a necessity.

Secondly we need a financial services manager, who will be responsible for all post sale activities, including finance, warranties and bike hand overs. Full training will be given if you have no previous experience.

Both the posts require a enthusiastic and conciencious individual but most importantly you will need a good sense of humor, as you will get the piss taken out of you, like the rest of us do!

We here at Motoden are a good bunch and all enjoy working together, if you think that you might fit in, drop me an email.

mailto:[email protected]

Do we get the free lunch every day?? And can I get a ride on George’s MX bike?..

How many sick days are we allowed and how much holiday??


Mabey some of the colin colins lads are looking for work!!

Firstly, whats the pay like?

How do u know bout colin collins Turd?

Looks like a nice tidy job to me. I bet the fella got a nice discount as well!

I don’t know what the pay is like! Ask the first posting above me!!

None of your effing busness how I know about about colin collins!

Guess I’m fu*cked then!! LOL!


ha ha! ah dear

do you get shiny new 07 600rr as a company bike??

Shocking job on that bike!!!

I’d be bloody fuming

well they did the right thing when i had problems with them, and i was pleased in the end. But i didnt know about butchered new bikes! ooer

Was gonna pop in and buy myself a new VFR - think I’ll go elsewhere!

I’ve seen the complaints and that job is nasty - hope the Junior they got to try and undertake that work has decided to go back to school.

Motoden sorted me out nicely. Thanks to Daniel and Phil. I’ll use them again :slight_smile:

7 years is a fair time to turn things around

Any part-time vacancies?! I’m working as a cleaner now so I’ll be very happy to change my job :smiley:


what happened to colin collins? or was it colin collins` turd?

Think it got polished.:cool:

These punters stung my mate for an £150 oil change :w00t: