Want to try Supermoto Racing?

Here is a link for anyone who wants to try racing for the first time.


It’s actualy road racing - on a motard.

The 660SMC is prolly about the best choice for it. A smart idea by Bracken to shift all their unsold 660’s!

BTW - if you know anyone in this who wraps up the bike seriously, I will consider breaking my 03 660SMC if I think I can shift a decent amount of bits.

Sparky - are you racing in the cup?

Yeh it’s not technically correct but I bet it would still be a lot of fun. As for someone wrapping it up I think that will certainly happen with all those first timers out there. Me personally, I would love to have a go, unfortunately I’ve overspent on other things. Maybe next year!

Big fun!

I used my 660 for trackdays at Mallory, Lydd and Brands indie. Riding 'round a gsxrthou at Gerrards is a giggle!

A whole grid of them is gonna very entertaining.

I get the impression that the grid is a mixture of MXers who fancy a go at road racing and people who like the idea of racing a motard but don’t want to get dirty yet.

I know one of the guys is thinking of using the bike for the odd round of southern supermoto. (Which is where I’m racing this year.)

I hope I can get to watch a round or two!

Chris from Adrenalin X is competing in this series, with LB stickers ALL over his race bikes. LB Racing seems to be spreading

I,ll keep an eye out for him. I work closely with bracken and will try and go along on some of the local meets to see what it,s like!