Want to see a Superstock bike destroy itself at Knockhill?

Shot today, someone’s stocker destroying itself presumably after a highside after the corkscrew section at Knockhill in practice today.

That is some serious momentum.


Amazing shots there , you can see it disintergrating as the sequence continues !

A terrible ballet of destruction . . .

makes you wont to cry:crying:

I can’t believe it to be honest, that’s a pretty tight corner, esp in the wet as it is, so I wonder if they’ve made the corner, got on the power and hit the outside white line then lost the back.

But that is one seriously trashed bike, and it’s a privateer so it’ll be game over likely as not. All that way and not to make it through day1 won’t make for a happy rider.

No word on the rider, but glad he got clear of that bronco.

Streetfighter anyone???.. :Whistling: :stuck_out_tongue:

Poor 'blade :crying:

I doubt much will be usable after all that!

Bit of T-cut, good as new ! :cool:

half a roll of gaffer tape, maybe a few cable ties and he’ll be back on track :smiley:

Think it will have to go straight in the bin :blink: hope no one was hurt? :slight_smile:

I winced at every picture, I hope the rider fared a lot better.

Can you imagine laying there thinking every time the bike tumbled, thats expensive, thats really expensive, oh **** thats even more expensive, omigod I need a new bike. Poor bike, only a box of bits left of it. :crying:


12, 16, 19
Unbelievable sequence, my congratulations to Mr Struthers… and good enough weather at Knock Hill for T-Shirts I see… bit of luck there! :slight_smile:
Seein you come the weekend Mr Harbron?

Great sequence of shots! bet the photographer in the background was gutted he never got this.

eBay :blink:

Modern Art :smiley: