Want to recon my cbx400f

Hi All.

First time post.

I’ve just taken my cbx 400f out after 12 years to bed. Started first time
I’m looking to recondition it.
I’m looking for a bike powder coater, chromer and tank and fairing painter in north London.
I don’t mind sending the parts away if the price is better, I’ve found a few companies online.
Any tips.





Not sure whats happening but that is not my bike. Why the hell is the pic of my bike turned into a big fat woman…

And that’s not the first time that pic has shown up this week…last time she was a spark plug :smiley:

Re-name your image to something unique eg. “My_cb_400_is_not_a_fat_bird.jpg” and then re upload

she is getting popular on here :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for double post but here you go…

Anyone had any work done by this company. http://motorcyclepowdercoating.co.uk/store/


No, but do a search on here and i am sure you will find some powder coating companies that people can recommend that are a lot closer

Hey buddy.

Some examples of my paintwork on these threads here…




Let me know if you’re interested… I can do basic red in 2-pack paint and polish it up…

Looks great, can you powder cat as well. Where abouts are you. I’m north London.