Want to race?

Official LB Event!

In partnership with the British MotorCycle Racing Club (BMCRC/“Bemsee”), Londonbikers.com and Motoprofessional.com are pleased to support an open evening at the Kentagon bar at Brands Hatch racing circuit, just off the M25 in Kent. This will take place on 11th December.

Bemsee are here to help get you started and to help you in the future.

You’ll be able to ask all the questions you like as a Rookie; about applying for your licence, what happens on race day, preparing your bike and getting practice in before the season starts. You can start the process there as we’ll have ACU licence forms available, an ophthalmologist to get your eye test sorted and you’ll be able to apply for the next intro event, the BMCRC Schoolday.

The Schoolday will be again at Brands in February on 21-22nd. You’ll do classroom sessions on the first afternoon that will result in your completing the ACU’s CTC course that will form part of your licence application. On the Sunday you’ll be on track in groups under the supervision of one of the Club’s seven ACU Club Coaches. At the end of the weekend we’ll submit your licence application for you and you’ll be on your way to starting racing.

Our support programme will buddy you up with a more experienced rider who will be around at the early race meetings you attend. Our Rookie Riders Director will be available to you to contact for questions and advice and you’ll also receive a rookie rider pack with a wealth of information to help you at your first few meetings.

Attendance at the Open Evening is free, just call us on 01708 720305 to let us know you intend to come along. Dont forget to say that you are calling following seeing this information on Londonbikers.com!

If you can’t attend the evening, call us on 01708 720305 and we’ll guide you through the process.

Some of the paperwork you can start right away…

  1. To obtain a race licence, you will need to sit a classroom session known as the ACU-CTC course. The ACU is our sports governing body and CTC stands for Competence to Compete.

In the classroom, you will be tutored on various aspects of racing, such as flags, safety, etc.

At the end of the sessions you will need to answer a multiple choice paper, which, as long as you have been paying attention to the tutor, you should pass.

  1. To race with BMCRC, you will need to show proof that you have attended a Race School, in order that you have had an on-track assessment from an ACU Club Coach.

New for 2009, BMCRC now have our own ACU licensed Club Coaches who can assess your on track ability and sign a certificate that enables you to obtain a race licence and race with BMCRC. This applies to all riders including youngsters from age 12 onwards. (You need to be aged 12 and over on the date of our Race School in February 09).

As a BMCRC member, you can complete all of this over one weekend on February 21-22nd 2009. We hold the ACU-CTC course on Saturday afternoon and the Race School Day on the Sunday. Once you have completed both parts, we will then forward all your paperwork on to the ACU and they will issue you with your race licence.

To start the process, you will need to obtain a BMCRC Membership form, an ACU Licence Application form and a BMCRC Race School/CTC Course Application form, complete them all, attach fees and send in to our office address (see below). All the forms are available from our website or by telephoning our offices on the numbers below and speaking to Tracey or Mike. If any of the above seems daunting or you need a bit more explanation, please feel free to call us anyway.

Don’t forget the open evening!

Further documents are available here:

<A title=blocked::http://www.bemsee.net/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=72&Itemid=40 href=“http://www.bemsee.net/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=72&Itemid=40”>http://www.bemsee.net/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=72&Itemid=40

Bemsee is the oldest racing club in the UK and is holding it’s centenary in 2009. We have close links with British Superbikes and a lot of our riders go on to compete in the MCRCB club (the BSB club).

Directions to the Kentagon bar:

Turn off at junction 3 of the M25, onto the A20 (signposted Brands Hatch). Follow the signs towards West Kingsdown and you will see the Main Gate entrance by the Thistle Hotel on the left. Go in through the Main Gate and follow the road until you see the Kentagon on the left, just before you would enter the Paddock.

Andy Weymouth raced at Bemsee very sucessfully in 2007 on an R6 and has gone on to British Superstock in 2008. This picture was taken at Cadwell earlier this year at a British Superbikes Round.

OOoooo…your a bad bad girl…;)…

if i start this woman…all hell will break loose in smileds world…:D.

the green eye’d monster will come out as my competetive streak is unfathamable…hehe… i def will attend this if i have a day off work luv…i’ll check my diary when im in tomorrow…

someone told me that ppl still race the old slingshots in certain events…you havnt heard anything like this have you?..if so…i just might go threw with the course and compete…granted its not like competeing in moto cross like i did as a kid…but i miss racing and would like to atleast have a crack if theres a cup floating about…;).

this date is certainly noted hun…i take it your going…and would love to yap about all things racing these days as your in the loop atm…

thanks a million


The old slingshots may be eligible for the Thunderbike championship. It’s power to weight based and has everything from SV’s to 1991 CBR’s to Laverda’s and …Yes original GSXR’s from 1985!

whats stopping you…get to the Kentagon on the 11th!


Thanks PPG.

I’ll let you know which date I’ll be attending.

Soz Gabs i’d love to do this but there is 3 reasons why i wont be. First and foremost i cant afford to get and run a racebike aswell as my moto and van, secondly im a supermoto rider so if i do take to the track it’ll be supermoto and thirdly is the same reason i havent been able to do much of my motocross racing this year and thats work.

This would be a great step up from trackdays, ill be going along , :slight_smile:

dont know anything about getting into racing , what would be the cost to do it for a year?

Good - please call Tracey in the morning and book your place! :slight_smile: It depends on what bike you race really and what series you enter for, but at the meeting they will have details of the costs (entry fees etc).

great will do:)

Looks great PPG, i’ve always loved the idea, i kinda feel like the ‘racing boat’ sailed without me on …

I’m in the same hole i’ve always been in, never get the time off work and if i did something else i’d never make enough money to fund it…

Catch 22… :crazy:

ooops thought it was a post to meet on my private track, M1 junc 10 northbound :D:D:D

wow this looks really interesting Gabs, let me look into whether I can get the time off work :slight_smile:

One question, how long does the ACU licence last for?

The short answer is ‘indefinately’ :wink: Can explain more in person sometime ;)Just to let people know that I wont actually be at this event, due to other work commitments. But there will be plenty of people there who will be able to help you and they all have friendly faces! Jeremy Hill (fastbloke, Rookies’ Director) is very short and looks like this (sorry Jez, couldnt resist):

so Elad… we gonna see you as a new rising star???

In a few years time I will tell people stories “He used to give me tips on how to get my knee down” and people will say “yeah yeah… stop making stupid stories up” :):slight_smile:

don’t forget about this, people :smiley:

This looks really interesting. Will try and make it but it’s a heck of a treck on a work night!!

Jeremy, I got made redundant yesterday so suddenly have a lot more time on my hands.

Let me know if you need any more people… I don’t know whether I qualify as ‘experienced’ but remember the help you gave me at my rookie school a few years back and would love to help out.



J doesnt come on here all that often, Oli - the event is open to current Bemsee members and you more than qualify. If you could ring the office and let Tracey know, then that would be great, so that they have an idea of numbers.

Sorry to hear about your redundancy - I hope it was on good terms.


Hi Gabs,

I started a new job today, and unfortunately (well fortunately in the bigger picture but a shame for Thursday) it means I won’t be able to make it.

Hope it goes well though and we get lots of new rookie’s about to have their lives changed forever… once you pop, you don’t ever want to stop.


For those of you that missed this, there is a rider information pack here .