Want to do something about stolen bikes?

I know alot of people have expressed an interest, and I know LB have had a formal meeting to discuss ideas and solutions…

Just thought I would add MCN’s solution. After all, the more the merrier in order to find out bikes.



that is a good point however, the idea of MCN is for bikes that have been stolen, to be easier to identify and return to the rightful owner.

doing nothing will deffinitly not help.


A guy stopped me in the street the other day and we ended up talking for about half an hour.
I was just leaving on my bike and he was driving along on a scooter.
He asked me bout my R6 and had it been stolen etc.
He told me that his R1 had been nicked aswell (he lives in the next street)
Turns out his bike went three days before mine did.
I felt for him cos I could see that he was still distressed about it months later.
His story was that he’d had the bike for two years and totally loved it/lived for it(sounds a bit familiar)
He always kept his bike chained to his scooter and despite attempts of theft (marks on the chain/lock etc) they could never nick it.
One night he came home and a car was parked awkward so he couldn’t lock the bikes together, he thought it’d be ok for one night.
And of course the bike went 4.30 am!!
Not having a garage he wasn’t covered by insurance so lost the lot!

This shows what were up against, I could go on and tell you about the phone call I got from the police about my bike which was truly incredible.
I don’t want to give theives any info so won’t go into detail.
But I then understood why MC theft is now so rife in London.

If anyone wants to know what happened then pm me and I tell you, cos like I said I’m not encouraging theives

Not a bad idea that. I haven’t checked but they don’t ask for your address do they…?

Yes, they do. You need to register with these details first before entering your bike details. Not quite trusting the site to be secure from hackers, I think I’ll pass.

MCN has good intent but already two members here can see the obvious flaw in it.

The problem with Biketheft is the bike rarely stays in one piece and is broken down quickly…

Tracker units can be very good (theres only one you should buy though)

Smartwater is not liked by BikeThieves either.

cheapest and most effective way is to UV mark your bike in different places.

Most Crime prevention desks give these pens away for people to mark thier property with.

Best practice is to write your house number and Postcode under fairing panels, wheels, and anywhere else you want to.

At least this way we can trace something as unidentifiable as a fairing plastic back to it’s owner.

As bikethieves don’t think of it…especially the ones we have caught.

Although it’s a heavier problem in London, this cheap and effective way does help.

I know this isnt directly connected, but When I lived in London, I had my house burgled, any how they actually knicked all kinds of ****, but they allso knicked my tools, a month or so later I was in a car breakers and see my snap on tool chest in the office of the breakers I know it was mine becouse the corner was bent, I did it on a hydralic tail lift. when moving, took the police a week to go arround there, after several phone calls I got the tool box back but nothing else, I guess the moral of this was its who you know, not what you know, no charges were made and they said they bought it from a guy in a van. BS, it makes me sad to here about your bikes, I hope you get some kind of good news, and I hope it dosnt to happen to anymore of you,

I had my first bike knicked a GS550 Id built it from nothing and the bastads took it right from out side my front door.

luckily I got it back, even though the thing was ragged.

Another thing is always cover your bike and if possible lock this cover so it can’t be pulled off. Also try to take it easy around where you live. I never have “fun” around where I live as I don’t want anyone knowing where I live and that I have a bike. This is sometimes hard with Youshi cans

I would never put my bike location information on the net as there is no way you know who will have access to this information. To log on to the MCN site you need to fill in such information. All it takes is one person giving the information out and we are all up the creek

Good advice.

If your fortunate to have a garage it’s worth investing in a baby monitor…by far more effective than an alarm.(second-hand ones on Ebay for silly money if going into Mothercare tarnishes your image)

(let’s face it no-one responds to the sound of an alarm nowadays)

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to secret a monitor around the garage out of sight and how easy it wakes you up if someone is attempting a theft…

Another thing, as already pointed out, your majority of thieves are usually after particular bikes and once they spot the bike they want they will follow you.

Good practice is to alternate your routes to/from work/home and just be wary of any vehicle (INCLUDING BIKES) that stays with you more than a couple of miles.

I’ve been followed before and continued past my house and carried on for a couple of miles pulling into a pub and waited half an hour (painful that having to sit in that pub.ahem)

A little vigilance is required and the frustrations of living in London can be daunting…but we are not a small community and they can be beaten.

Porkscratchin, that’s some great advice, especially considering that a Gixxer is worth far more in parts than it is in one piece!

Good advice, and I’ll be doing all sorts of stuff to keep my new baby safe.

Perhaps even sleeping on it.

Like this?

That’s pretty much what I’d do wit my new bike if I could get it up the stairs,security’s a real problem!

Anyone got a garage for hire in west London?

Hehe, perhaps not quite as ‘intimately’ but yeah I suppose.


Being followed, I’ve been told by the police I ride with that if you are getting followed go to your nearest police station. This will 1, make them think your a cop 2, give you CCTV help if anything was to happen and 3, if someone is balls enough to take your bike from outside the police station then if they tried it at your home your end up in hospital. Also, if you get a chance go into a petrol station. Most have CCTV and all this will work for you if something bad happens.

Animals are out there, nothing we can do about it so lets keep eyes open for friends on bikes

Good advise and very sensible too, only trouble is most police stations closed when you are being tailed. Would be worth asking met for opening times to act on advise.

Most Police stations are shut at night though, so riding to one then isn’t going to do any good. Best to ride round to the biggest mate you have and hope he has a few friends round for some bevvies.

You could always park the bike on a double yellow or permit holder’s zone for approx 2mins.

There’ll be a swarm of parking-nazis so thick there’ll be no chance of it getting nicked.