Want to do an off road or motorcross day... but not sure which one to do!

I know there’s already loads of information on here, but i’ve done all the searches and still not found exactly what I want, and there’s one thread I read recently that I can’t find for trying! :hehe:

Next month or the month after I am definitely looking at doing some sort of off road day or school, I am going to be booking it in the next week or so. (For my birthday present :smiley: ) All I am looking for is some advice really. I have a whole heap of websites to look at, but I wanted to get some personal experiences.

  • What I want is somewhere relatively near London, we have the car (or bikes) so somewhere an hour or two maximum from London really. (Would consider a weekend further away but not sure I have the funds for that.)
  • It has to be somewhere that hires out all the gear and the bike etc.
  • As for the type of track, this is probably where I am most stuck. I only have on road experience, so don’t know whether it is best to look at places that use a track, or to look at somewhere that goes out into the countryside. Or will this be too advanced for a beginner? I also don’t want something that is so repetitive it gets boring, or is this not the case because you are learning so much!?

Any advice is much appreciated. :smiley:

Lusty did one of these not too long ago, hopefully she’ll be along soon. :slight_smile:

Next month I’m hoping to do Green Laning in St Albans through work. Normally it would cost £200 and they supply the bike and gear for the day.

The website is here -


AndyCr15 (18/04/2009)

Next month I’m hoping to do Green Laning in St Albans through work. Normally it would cost £200 and they supply the bike and gear for the day.

The website is here -


That was the name of the site I couldn’t find again! Someone put up a post about it recently but couldn’t find it. Should have bookmarked it really. :hehe: Thanks.

another one worth considering

This is now my problem, they all look so good and I can’t decide which one to fork the money out on! :hehe:

They look quite different though. One is ‘cross country’ I guess, the second is round different tracks, no?

I know they are two very different types of day, that was my point with the first post really. I want to try ‘‘everything’’, so I wasn’t sure what would be the best one for a first go or which type of day people would recommend over the other sort of day. Off roading or motorcross, I don’t know which one to try first! I’ll save up the money again and try the other types after.

Track Sense now do off-road days right next to Heathrow. Ness and I did one a couple of weeks ago and had a great time. The instructor knows his stuff and their bikes were in very good condition. He taught some fundamental skills (braking hard on dirt, slow speed control, etc) as well as more exciting things like doing some small jumps later in the day.

Me and 1 or two of my boys are going to book up on here soonhttp://www.mxtryout.co.uk/index.html

like the idea of half day option for a try out

great thread RC been looking to find somthing like this, gota have a go at it:)

I’m leaning more towards the trailriding/green laning stuff at the moment, need to get it booked a.s.a.p but want to give the mx stuff a go too. Not enough time or money! :wink:

What about the yamaha motocross school? I think their place was in sussex and its run by yamaha i think! I was looking at them last year, I defo want to do some off road/motocross riding this summer!! :smiley:

Think I’ve decided which one to book, will let you know when I book it on Monday. Stuck between track sense and trailriders at the minute.

This is a good one - friends did this one and enjoyed it. I did the Ady Smith School and that was fab…I did the two day school but they do one dayers too

Recomend tracksense off-road day school


I have been down to the BMW off road skills place in South Wales a couple of times now and heading off again at the start of Oct with a work colleague. Great fun for all levels and they also do ladies only courses through the year. Not cheap but good fun with lots of skills learnt


Maybe a bit too far but the Yamaha Off Road school in Wales is great , all the kit hire and bikes , they will do groups and split you out into different classes have been going for 3 years now ! Run by Geraint Jones 10 times British Enduro Champion and his sons, great for the novice or advanced rider , well worth a weekend away.


Let me know what you decide and how you get on please.
I am thinking about doing something similar…mainly because I want improve my bike control and definitely braking :w00t:
Ta x

try these, good for a weekend, cheaper than england,novices to superstars all catered for, been there 3 times now, excellent