Want to be a case study??

Hi All,

Some may know that I am a lecturer of anatomy and physiology as well as a nutritionist. I also write for a number of publications and websites as a ‘guru’.

I have been approached by 2 big magazines after writing an article for Mens Health about how its easy to ‘hack’ your body and turn your body into a fat burning machine. They wrote to me basically saying prove it. I knew this would happen so had the pictures below ready for them.

I had time tags on the original photos and this was done in the space of 6 weeks. Like many PR slags they want more…

I need dedicated people to follow my protocol and write a blog style account every few days. Taking pictures, measuring themselves, saying how they feel, how hard it is etc. but nothing will be changed. I want honest accounts.

Anyone interested? This is free!!

May I stress you will need to be very dedicated!!

I’d give it a try.

PM me info please :slight_smile:

How long, what food, and what can’t be eaten / drank?

I would want people to go for at least 6 weeks.

I couldn’t sit here and list everything that can’t be eaten/ drank.

I will tell you know that there is no alcohol. Its very much individual so some people will be able to eat certain stuff. Others won’t

And do the applicants need to be porky?

Is it a diet or a fitness plan or both?

I’m up for this- just sent you a PM.

Me too - have PM’d you

can I still drink beer? :ermm:

If you do it in Russia then yes you can as it’s a soft drink there :smiley:

Will defo be replying to people over the weekend.

No beer what so ever I am afraid. No soft drinks neither.

I would like an array of all shapes and sizes if poss!!

Pmd you as well, really interested!

I’m up for it :blush:

Last few years of Uni have equalled a slight podge!!!

I don’t drink alcohol, am 6ft 1 size 34 waist

I’m well up for it.

Just started a long overdue health kick. Could be perfect timing.

Gin and tonic?

I’m slim, fit, healthy, my BMI is at the lower end of 'normal, I don’t drink, I’ve never smoked, I eat well and I work out most days using weights and resistance work. God, I sound dull, don’t I???

If you’re up for a bit of challenge then I’d be very happy to be your lab rat for a couple of months and see how I can improve on what I’m already doing.

Have had some really good interest so thanks all.

I have now been told that I will need body fat % tests done before and after.

This will now be a pre-requisite. You have 2 options:

  1. Go to your local gym and get a caliper test done (not bio-impedance)

  2. Get a bod pod booked - http://www.bcom.ac.uk/bcom-clinic/bodpod

The former is free. The latter will cost a total of £80 but is very accurate.

If anyone has to pay for their test I will 100% send you the plan even if I don’t use you as a case study but calipers are fine and should be free.

And no alcohol scorch lol. You should know from the diet I done for the other half.

If some are sceptical you can see what me and my company achieve and how much this usually costs -

Website here http://www.no1studiotraining.co.uk

cool, ignore my pm as i just asked you where to get the BM done.

when you need it for?

no alcohol is no problem, hope you wont say no coffee though :smiley:

I have lost 10kg in last 6 months without excluding alcohol, chocolate, pasties or creamy bakery products or involving a gym or anything more strenuous than going up 4 flights of stairs to the 2nd floor…

Now i’m just waiting for the six pack to appear - will your plan help?