Want a slightly dubious government to track you...?

The petition below is to sto pthe government from introducing mandatory road tracking which will allow the government to charge us by our road use…ie the more you drive, the more you pay.

Its also a convenient stealth measure allowing the government to track your every movement.

Now fair enough in this day and age, that bit is only a concern for the mega paranoid, but I bet some Germans were a bit disappointed after voting for the National Socialists to discover that they were to be gassed cos their family practised a certain religion…National Socialism had seemed like such a good idea “aand perfectly harmless” otherwise why would they have voted for it…

Hmmm…paranoia…or just good common sense and a healthy distrust of anyone that runs Britain, cos they’re all megalamaniacal scum bags that couldn’t keep their word if their lives depended on it… you choose…

Oh and sign the petition below unless oyu want to be paying EVEN mroe to go for a ride



Two things petition signed. Second what is megalamaniacal?

A very bad spelling of power-mad

This is what google told me…


  1. A psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence.
  2. An obsession with grandiose or extravagant things or actions.

I Tried it with an “o” but it just didn’t look right…ho hum

Ok still dont understand it what does it mean to us simpletons…


I have no idea

Good work Toby. Signed.

Just bumping this back up to keep people aware of what the delightful New Slavour gov is intending on doing to us under Bean Counter Brown!


There is also another petition on there about the dangerous road furniture (ie the ones with wire that kill motorcylists), maybe all the guys would sign both petitions while they are on the site? Both are under Transporation.

LF x


Very good point there…wonder if the public and the insurance companies will be allowed to access the info…and make use of the anti-theft element…?

It’s always the same ofnly $hit. They say they are doing it for the good people of the country and its only the bad people who should be against it. FFS, I’m not interested in having a bar code on my neck and if thats the UK we are going to be living in soon then maybe its time to get land in Russia so that my children can live free

There is a line between being free to live life and being safe. IMO this government has gone past this line and is turning more “control state” than “locals mate”

The reality is this conversation is the equivalent of a group demanding that all ships carry sufficient lifeboats for the entire number of passengers & crew, whilst failing to realise they’re stood on the Titanic & the deck is at a 45 degree slope…

The govt doesn’t really need to roll out a GPS based monitoring system to know where we are, the technology to covertly monitor us & our vehicles already exists & we’re paying to give them the ability to do this !

All this is in the form of RFIDs, their use is already way more widespread than most people are aware - eg. Michelin already have them in their tyres, all the govt have to do (if they’ve not already) is plant sensors in the road to pick up the signals, not driving ? well what about that Oyster card in your pocket? Or all those other items in your backack that you didn’t even realise contained them.

And if any of those members over the pond think this is a purely UK/European thing, think again - we’re way behind the US on this technology, not least because, as with barcodes, the major driver in their use & implementation is Walmart.

The truth is this or any government that can’t manage a railway network, or Olympic bid, couldn’t monitor us if we were standing holding a huge placard with the Fluorescent words “OVER HERE!” written on it…its not this gov I’m scared of…they’re still reasonably accountable to us…its the future I’m just careful of…

Can’t remember who said it, but…

“Politicians are like diapers. They should be changed frequently, and for the same reason.”