Want a Free Photoshoot for You & Bike!?

We’ve been sent this and I thought the best medium to get the word out in this case was the forums instead of the news pages, so here goes, looks interesting, could be a great service for bikers, sure it’ll get some interest!

I was wondering if anyone from London Bikers.com would like a free picture of their bike? We are two photographers based in Clapham who are trying to set up a business offering lit studio shots of bikes and their owners. We are holding two open days at the studio on the 21st and 28th April and need some willing volunteers to provide us with some feedback.

If you could pass this on to anyone interested it would be much appreciated. Anyone interested should call Tim on 020 7622 1939 or
e-mail [email protected].

Many thanks,

Tim Edwards, Paul West
( Plough Studios, 9 Park Hill, London SW4 9NS )



cheesy pictures ‘r’ us!!!


Sorry, being cynical.

Carry on…

Oh and as a thought, I was thinking of doing a similar thing but of action shots out (similar to those of Lusty on her new ped) in the country or in the Sin City once the camera upgrade happens - perhaps during the week when I’ve time off. Would anyone be interested? - likely I’d charge summat tho say a tenner for every decent shot you wanted perhaps?

as you know im madly inlove with the slingshot…would love to get action shots/studio shots of me with her…

and the same with the k6 when i get her back……soon……real soon…

slingshot smiled.

yes please, would the charge be for a printed picxture?

I would be interested if i can get the time to come down.

smiled and ‘action shots’…could be trouble

Leave him alone

JZ, you are SUCH a cad!!


@SheWoolf - dunno really, I’ll have a proper look at it when I’ve more time but I’d certainly provide a printed picture whatever the price. Trouble is that where as a studio would be all set up and bikes rolled in one after another, for ‘live’ shots it would involve riding out somewhere so more of my time would be spent for a given shot.

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages - I mean surely everyone wants a shot making them look good on their bikes no?

I’ll keep you all posted



I have emailed them as I am planning to go next Saturday (can’t do this one for not being in a continent where my bike should ever try to ride (roads are like something else here…)
Fir those 2 Saturdays, they will be giving 1 picture free in exchange for opinion and wright to use the picture in their marketing material.
I am going on the 28th
Gina you can pose with me and the bike as look as it look something like the last picture I saw posted by you

Adam, if you do not remember what I look like, I am short, black, skinny guy in is 20s with an Irish accent…

Hehe also going on the 28th - am for me - might see you there!

What time you going Freddy? I might try and get down there about the same time.

I like this action shot, would like one like this…

myself and Little Miss T are booked for 28th.

me too, now to wash the bike

Lets stick some times up then people. I’m there at 11am.

I’m there nice and early 10am for me…I’m thinking possible rideout afters???

me and LMT start at 12pm.

im booked at 4pm, gotta drive to gatwick airport in the morning, gonna check the flight times to see if i can rebook for earlier so we can all leave together

OK, myself & Fridayman are booked in for 28th at 2pm

btw Tim mentioned that they’re now pretty full for the 28th, but have plenty of time free on the 21st. If you’re not yet sure whether you can make it tomorrow, he’s happy for people to drop in without booking