wanna see my helmet . . .


I see you like polishing your helmet.

Yessir . . . Look after your helmet and your helmet will look after you

I always try to get the misses to polish my helmet but always says shes got a headache.


im good with keeping helmets clean…

Now Now calm down westie! Pic don’t do it justice though JZ!

Westie, i`ve heard about you and your helmet polishing.

what? im calm ive got 4 helmets all perfectly polished!

Lucky Owner[s]!!!

You say 4 polished helmets, do we know them.

Cheers Sean . . . Good to meet you the other day at J & S . . . & thanx for lookin’ after us

Promises promises . . . .

Hey Jonny, nice helmey - where do you get your graphics from? (I saw gridgirl had got some too) Im soo jealous!!

nice agv.