Wanna do a quick dyno?


everyone run for cover !!

that’s never good

Everyone of these I see makes me cringe … My ZX7r was running a bit rough after 10 days of being spanked around the Isle of Man . Took it to PDQ in slough put it on the dyno and it dropped a valve at full chat . Totally destroyed the top end and required an extensive rebuild . I aint been near a dyno since haha

So you take your bike to a dyno. They blow it up like that…who pays? I wont be thats for sure!

you put your bike in for the dyno they dont drag you kicking and screaming not to touch your bike. so whatever happens is down to you to sort unless the big comes flying off the rolling road

just like if/when you bin it on track

tough titty

Yup it tough titty as the man says … You gotta pay up if you want it fixed . I was fortunate I got most of the parts from a donor engine so kept cost down as much as I could .

felt uneasy having mine dyno’d the other month with 45k miles on my engine

mines going for a dyno on sat with 30k on it :Whistling:

Goodluck with them dyno runs …:crazy: I don’t wanna watch .

every dyno place i know (including when i was at southern cross) usually makes you sign a disclaimer that the dyno test is carried out at your own risk

PDQ recently had my panzer in there for a dyno along with the ZX7 and a ZXR400. All worked fine after and have no issues taking any of my bikes there.

I did run the 1098 on the dyno that goes to the Ace once, blimey that was loud :stuck_out_tongue: