Wandsworth noob

Hi all,

Passed my CBT about a month ago and I’ve finally got my shiny new bike for commuting on - a YBR125. Loving it so far and haven’t dropped it or got myself killed yet, despite a lorry driver mistaking me for an empty space the other day. :unsure:

Take care!

welcome to the forum, now get yourself up borough market tonight from about 6.30pm to meet people in the flesh:D

Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Thanks, but nothing comes before Wednesday curry nights :slight_smile: Mmmmmmmm curry.

hello :slight_smile:

Hi welcome :smiley:

Hi And Welcome

welcome to LB,


Though surely every night is curry night :smiley:

Thankfully, there’s other options to join the fun - Newbie night on the first Monday of the month at the Ace Cafe, and lots of LB’ers at the Ace Cafe on Friday night bike nights too.

Not to mention all the rideouts and other fun events so hope to see you at one soon :slight_smile:

you gotta watch them lorry drivers, there asleep most of the time:ermm:

oh and welcome along:)

do you mean the one near whipps cross hospital?

Welcome fellow Wandsworthian!!! Let us know if you feel like a ride out together. Cheers, Rachelle