walking to the wetherspoons

Hey people, who is within walking distance and up for a pint at the whetherspoons in Wood Green lets say friday or saturday evening? Hands up who is interested:D

ok who can do sat?

me :smiley:

ok that makes two of us… who else wants to join? i think mr.mo mentioned summink yestdy…:smiley:

We’re overdue another drinks night but I’m not going to be able to fit anyhting in this weekend :frowning:

me too what time?

Aww go on. Alex and I have a fancy dress (!?!) party on Saturday night as well, but the LB Norf Lunnen Drinks Massive’s night out seems much more fun :wink:
It would be good to see you for a catch up. I’ll be driving, so I could pick you up on route…

alright then it seems alex is being talked out of it… well i am still going, fancy a beer thats all and got no plans for this weekend so far…

grimm reapa : im thinkin early evenig as the pub gets crowded later on and im not really keen on crowded places:crazy:

Alex is still on for the beer… :smiley:

grimm reapa : im thinkin early evenig as the pub gets crowded later on and im not really keen on crowded places

no probs chick, il be there

cool stuff guys, thats wot i like to hear! Ok hands up more people who r interested! or just turn up at the wetherspoons in wood green…:hehe:

ok, I’ll be wearing a banana costume, just so you don’t miss me! :hehe:

il be there :smiley: look for the big guy with the tattoos making lots of noise :w00t:…if you all decide a time chuck it up on here…il most probs just shoot down straight from work around 6-ish

Hey cheeky, I am most defo coming for a drinkie with you guys! You have given us a good excuse for not going to the party now :slight_smile:

See you Saturday hun!

ooh sweeeeet, so wot time would be okay for everyone? 6? 6:30? 7?:smiley:

il be there bout 6 on the look out for mo

well i don’t know who to look for as dunno any of ya… and ya might not know me either…

I can’t make it as early as that (committments), so hopefully you’ll still be there at 9pm?

In fact, you guys should have the best seats, being there so early! :wink:

as the theme seems to be fancy dress il be the one that looks like the pizza delivery boy lol…

ok so how do i recognize any of ya then?:w00t: