Walking the dog

Its big and its clever and we cant keep it vertical. Should we try Germoline?

:hehe:is this a test ??

No just a cry for help:w00t:

And boy you need it!!! :w00t:

is it a meet or a rideout or is it hanging far too much outside the magic circle?

So you are cogniscant of the bitch?

nope, not the leader - sorry

We were asking for help with our naughty German Shepherd!

Don`t know how it ended up in ride outs.

have you spoken to a vet or may be a taxidermist?

You`re naughty, not all german bitches deserve stuffing.

You really do post the strangest and most obscure things!!!

I can empathise with this.

I took the late Arthur the Irish Wolfhound (owned by the late Les Honeyman ref http://www.nigelgatherer.com/perf/whoswho/h.html) for a walk in 1979. Or he took me for a walk… it was 50/50. Arthur produced a Henry Moore sculpture and left it in the middle of the pavement, he was very artistic like that. My dog-walking days ended thereafter.

I got a German Sheperd bitch, 8 months old, whats the problem with yours???

Did you try and ride out on the German Shepherd? Is that why you are having problems?:smiley:

I dissagree:w00t:

You’re out of your minds!