Walker back where we want him!!

Check out the news story, what good news is this!! Well, except for Shakey and Haydon of course…


Haydon is already out, he lost his ride (so hard to imagine this when you speak to him, he’s a really nice guy), so yeah, it must be for Shakey’s place, which is rough, but then, he didn’t win and Suzuki want to win, so understandable. Unless they’re contemplating running three bikes next year!? Though that’s gotta be way too expensive. Cal Crutchlow is already their number 2 rider for '07.

It’ll be great to see Walker on the Suzuki, can’t wait!

It’ll be a comedown from the Kawasaki, but he’ll adapt

It`ll be great to see him racing at home…i hope they get a dry day testing to get dialled in and up to speed before the race.

Ill see you there on Sunday Andrew, if youre there…

I may be there but have alternatives for the weekend. Will let you know

I have a lot of respect for Haydon, his PR skills for the team this year have been fantastic, despite knowing he has lost a top ride he is all smiles and positive vibes. Stalker on the other hand has had to do a bit of groveling as he burnt a few bridges with Crescent Suzuki when he last left them. I personally think it is a shame he is back, as he is one of several of our riders who could have offered so much more at a world level. DORNA have been very good with getting a few Brits MOTOGP rides, but seem to think it is OK to field them on turkey bikes, stumping their careers in the process.