Wales round-trip this bank holiday weekend

I’m going for a 3 day round-trip to Wales on 29-30-31st of May Bank holiday weekend. I need to collect a package from Milford Haven midday 29th and from that point I’m free all weekend. Probably staying in B&B or cheap hotel on both nights. Anyone interested to join?

Plan is something like this

Suggestions are welcome

This should be a bit more interesting. :smiley:

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Unless you need the speed - avoid the boring M4 (!) :slight_smile:

Going up the A40 through Oxford and Gloucester is a nice alternative.

I’ve got a trip already arranged for 10 bikers this bank holiday. We’re staying in a friend’s pub in Monmouth, and heading up to Devils Bridge if you care to drop by :slight_smile: We might even be able to squeeze you in.

Let me know if you’d like any details.



I’d go with trackdayjunkies route, him and Ang know Wales very well, they may as well move there :stuck_out_tongue:

Been on some amazing roads on weekends away with Mark and Ang to Wales :smiley:

is that what you call them :smiley:

Good point lol :stuck_out_tongue:

No not telling you … There all mine …

try aberystwyth to newtown

over the preseli mountains ( watch for sheep)

A4 is a very good alternative to the M4, especially westwards of Hungerford. It might take a bit longer but there are some great stretches on it, it will definitely kep you interested more than the boring old motorway (unless motorways are your thing; I tend to avoid them like the plague).

ok some of these are not in wales as not time to edit it [quote=“Timr”]Some of my favourite rides

Favourite roads :
Via Gellia 1
via gellia 2
Route Stonehenge to West Lavington A344/A360

Stonehenge Ride (still got to do part 2 of this )
Over the Preseli Mountains
Route Cardigan to Bethlehem ( no not that one but one in Pembrokeshire via the Preseli mountains A487 and B4329
Fluffy Slipper Ride video

Cardigan/ Aberystwyth
Night time ride video A487 Aberystwyth towards Cardigan Part 1

Night time ride video A487 Aberystwyth towards Cardigan Part 2
Map Route

Aberystwyth to Welshpool

and love this one
ok i was in car but
map routea44/a481 to builth wells

Twist & turns video

have bimbled through london as well
London video Part 1

part 2 london video

Route of my 18 hr ride
but add to that The Cat two more times and then about an extra 25 miles of turning about and going back for a look at things

Route inc
Visit friends in Stockport
Over the Cat and it was so Calm for the first time i been up there i had to do it afew times stopped in The cat for a Coffee
Down Via Gellia
Matlock Bath coffee at fishpond
Down to Bassetts Pole and a Mcd’s
Head down to the Ace for a sausage sarnie and coffee
Head off Home across the A40
Down Haverfordwest and home

[quote=“Timr”]Penybont To Rhayader Route

No audio as yet wil redit when i get chance

cynghordy to llanwrtyd wells

[quote=“Timr”]map route
Newcastle Emlyn to Lampeter

sorry vidilife again … too much work to split and edit and get it to sync right …

Teifi Trail

[quote=“Timr”]Llangurig to Nant Yr Arian Forestry

sorry its vidilife again but too long for youtube

Mountain Roads

[quote=“Timr”][quote=“TimR”]ok i was in car but
map routea44/a481 to builth wells

Twist & turns

on bike

Builth to A44 via Hundred House a481
opposite way but has been sped up to fit onto youtube

original speed is available on vidilife list

[quote=“Timr”]Edge of the woods

there are probably more on the vidilife list that listed as this is an old post i saved

I’m up for this one. What sort of rider are you and how many people are going? I’m on an XJ600 so not the fastest rider, but I can keep up with most.

Hey mate,

I’m not the quickest either. I like cornering / roundabouts, but not really a fan of >80-90 speeds on country roads, especially not in Wales where apparently there is quite a high police presence and also roads can be tricky. I’m mostly a relaxed touring guy, put it this way :slight_smile: I’m on a Kawa Versys 650, so you wouldn’t have a problem keeping up with me. Let me know what you think!


PS. At the moment it is only myself going

re police presence … its not high in reality it is just those that draw attention to themselves that suffer and just watch out for road surface changes ( lack of top layer on tarmac exposing the under tar ) especially mid bend and at this time of year itsstarting to be high volumes of agricultural traffic and general debris etv from them

Are 125s allowed?

would have offered to join you and take a spin round the homeland but have taken a few extra days off and am heading to cornwall & to go see the Eden Project in Spring/early summer as always see it in late summer + my yearly pass is still in date so its free :slight_smile: so have fun … and best bit about the m4 is … not having to pay the bridge toll :slight_smile: andthats it lol …

:slight_smile: I love Eden, enjoy mate and thanks for the advice.

To be perfectly honest, if you can keep up 70 (which your bike is capable of), and you’re fine with 800 miles, than I don’t mind a 125 and you’re very welcome to join. Otherwise, sorry, no.

Hi Tim,

Some nice routes there in Wales - I know a couple :slight_smile:

A dozen of us will be doing some of them this weekend, with my 75-year old Welsh Dad leading the way :wink:

I’m half thinking to arrange some more trips over that way - especially as a friend’s pub can do me good value accommodation for friends in Monmouth. If you’d like to tag something together, just let me know :slight_smile:

PS - Impressive 18hr ride! I’m sure you know already, but this routes more interesting than the M4 in Wales too if you’re coming from Gloucester. The Wye Valley down from Monmouth to Chepstow’s a bit of fun too - and all the roads about.,+Neath+to:swansea&geocode=FXZsFwMdIrDd_ynP8uv2-_1wSDHPGeghlptw7A%3BFQxQFgMdiRTY_ymvwxipgrBxSDGSJb9UEAA-hA%3BFXSbFQMdXMzI_ymrFagkJERuSDFLzBaSJmeZ9w%3BFVqqEwMde8fD_ymxl05aVUVuSDF0y-cvjhJ3PQ&hl=en&mra=ls&sll=51.771239,-2.400513&sspn=0.601657,1.783905&ie=UTF8&ll=51.746588,-3.098145&spn=0.601986,1.783905&t=h&z=10

Sorry, the route is not really suitable for me as I need to touch Milford Haven. Thanks for the offer anyways.

Alright guys, Ive signed up on that meetup page. I’ll see you all on Saturday, Cant wait!