Waist pack / Visor bag

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen something like a ‘bum bag’ with a few pockets that’s also a visor bag too. The visor part was the large part at the back and then the pockets were in front of this. Anyone have any idea if anyone / who makes them and where I could find them? Trawled a little through Google but not sure what they’re called !!


I actually have one spare if ya want it luvvie:D

I have one like this: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/OXFORD-WAIST-PACK-BUM-BAG-VISOR-BAG-CARRIER-LUGGAGE_W0QQitemZ260403908757QQcmdZViewItem

If the above is a genuine Oxford product, mine saved my leathers when I skidded down the road on my back a couple of years ago (lowside in the fast lane of a motorway on a cat’s eye when it was raining and someone braked really hard in front of me). I love mine and still use it despite the crash rash.

I went to J&S specially to buy the Buffalo one, but looking at the two side by side the Oxford one was so much better quality I got that one…it was cheaper too! So…get the Oxford one.

Thats exactly what I wanted. Thanks all. :smiley:

This is the one I have:


J&S had it, but I can’t find it on their site…might be worth ringing them.

Anyway, it’s bigger capacity and has more seperate pockets than the other Oxford one, which is either a plus or minus depending on what you want.

Thanks Alex, I’ll have a look around now i know what it is!!

Nice to meet you tonight by the way, Zephyr looks well, done a tidy job there. :slight_smile:

You too, shame you weren’t in the uniform! :smiley:

Oh also that one is the same on Ratty has I think, which might be where you’ve seen it.

Will pass the compliment about the bike to my dad, who did most of the work!

P.S: If you follow that google link in the second post, this thread is the 6th result :w00t:

Pics for you digger

Eh I want one of these, just invested in a dark visor :slight_smile:

Just put it inside your leathers round your waist, works for me :hehe:

I have got the oxford one. Hein Gerieke £20 - £25. Brilliant. Fits the Shoie XR1100 which is a big visor and really comfy. I wear it on my side.

never come off at speed 100+ and never in the way when I get off and go for a wonder


linky link link

only thing i would offer is … if you are unfortunate to have a spill and this ends up breaking it can “shard” and into some pretty nasty shapes … i will leave the rest up to your imagination :wink:

Well if it did break into shardes the pack has a think tough textile outershell so it should contain and sharp edges pretty well.

Also if this is the case why do we wear the visors. the shards would ruin my good looks.

The visors are impact resistant but if they are contorted beyond their flexibility they will break so as what they are designed for they are fine . my response was to having the visor loose within a jacket with no protection around you which if it is in a bag/pouch then you have some added protection as you have stated in your post :wink:

Understand the point you are making and it did cross my mind the first time I tried it but my leathers are a tight fit so there is no free play so to speak it is flush against my body. Choices choices eh :wink:

FYI - when I’ve ordered visors from www.racevisors.co.uk they usually send a free gift, more often than not I’ve been sent one of the ‘stowaway’ bags. Can’t say fairer than that. :hehe: