hello boys and girls just got back from a steady ride round city as it looked like it would stay dry this mornin(how wrong was i)!! anyway some wideboy in a jazzed up polo coming out of a junction nearly wipes me out. so me being polite , point at my visor then my bike as if to say “watch 4 bikes” the dude then with phone in hand starts to purposley swerve at me to knock me off… after exchangin a few "POLITE " words he does it again… needless to say thanx to some one legged acrobatics he is now minus a wing mirror. some car drivers are complete to##ers. young drivers should be made to do bike awearness courses in the city esp. … just thought i`d have a rant …feel sooooo much better now cheers:w00t::D:P:hehe:

gotta be carefull daz.

i side with ya, but cars are too big to argue with, i would have pulled over got his reg, and rang old bill, high chance theres cctv in the area.

stil im not adverse to taking a wing mirror for a souvnier myself…specially in traffic…:P:D

thanks for sharing mate

there are quite a few of those ‘to$$xxs’ you described around …

the problem is that they never learn…and who knows next time i may need to remind them of the wing mirror myself :stuck_out_tongue:

shame they somehow manage to spoil a good ride…

I’m agreed with Ratty. You should take his reg plate instead of damage his mirror. His will not learn from it. probably he will be more aggressive towards bikers. What if police will stop you for criminal damage?

Good to know your in one piece and the story is not being told about by someone else on here because you have sailed in to an opening in the sky, i hate hearing bad news. Forget about the mirror, moment of stupid madness has passed fella.

got to agree. damaging their car does seem rather over the top…I know he put your life at risk, and thats difficult to quantify…and he may or may not think twice about dicing with a biker next time but CCTV could have you for criminal damage…be careful out there peeps

It sucks and riding everyday, I’m sad to say that barely a day goes by that I don’t have some prat almost cost me all.

Thing is though if you can get a witness and his reg then you can report it, what he did is classed as asault, not to mention dangerous driving and all that goes with it.

I used to have screws sticking out of my toe sliders and if someone caused me grief I’d wait until they got caught at lights and just put a scratch all the way along the side of the car, they were unaware until they get out and you simply ride off knowing…haha. I was an angry despatch rider then though.

Removing his mirror will hopefully make him think twice and if it was the right one I hope Police will know enough that that is the one legally recuired and pull him on it…I won’t hold my breath though.

Remeber to breath.

i understand what sum of ya are sayin and yeah maybe was a moment of madness on my part but we are not just talkin a slight swerve here this geezer was AGGRESSIVE and aiming with intent. mirrors can be fixed,… offed bikers potentially not.as for the cctv. surely him drivin at me twice is somesort of intent in a court of law?:hehe:

screws and toe sliders. now thats good!!!:w00t:

yes and i’m sure you ‘accidentally’ broke his mirror while trying to regain your balance, right?!? … so, you are off the hook, trust me :wink:

having said that i’m not here subscribing, as i’m sure you are not either, to the idea that we now start breaking mirrors of all those t0$$ers out there…:smiley:

although i thought about it many times :slight_smile:

exactly mate.:wink:

They spark too…haha

Lets just hope the car driver doesn’t turn the tables and go the Police/CCTV route and have you done for criminal damage:doze:

Removal of his wing mirror wasn’t the wisest thing in the world to do as this fella will now be out to get any biker who crosses his path from now on.:crying:

do you really think that a nutter, a feck3r like that one would not do it again? or that he has not done it before?
i could argue that maybe he was only doing a bravado, and now he’s sh*t himself and will think twice before he does it again…notice, before he does it again, i am sure the t0$$3r will do it again

personally someone so determined to get a biker off his or her bike will not go to the Police and certainly he would not rely on CCTV unless he wants to shoot himself on the foot.

Having said that, wisest thing…mmmhhh… people react differently to pressures and threats, so i would not put it simplistically like that, wise or not wise, i could argue self defense … it is an argument that could go on and on…

1.as mentioned previousley i must have “ACCIDENTLY” knocked the mirror off regaining my balance!2. if owt were to come of it ill pay 4 a new mirror. would he buy me a new"me and bike" if the worst had happened3. maybe hell take heed and think about bikes. instead of being stupidly aggressive toward them .6 of one half a dozen of the other granted.4. its ssooooo easy to sit behind a keyboard and judge!!!:wink:

I appreciate hindsight is a wonderful thing but you can’t afford to argue with a car driver like that when you are on a bike.Having seen that Traffic Cops thing on BBC last week where the guy in the Audi was trying to nerf a KTM off the road it seems to me that the cops don’t see a car drivers actions like that to be a chargeable offence.

The police car clearly caught the driver on video camera SEVERAL times attempting to off the rider and after stopping him it was settled by the shaking of hands.

I would see it as attempted assault with a deadly weapon myself.:doze:

I’m just saying that there would, however, be a good case for getting done for criminal damage if caught on CCTV.:crying:Edit: I’m not judging you for your actions mate, i’m on your side. I’m just pointing out that you could be made to look the villain and not the idiot car driver who tried to have you off.I would be interested to hear from our police members on here if there would be any justification for kicking off a door mirror.After admitting that you had the mirror off with some nifty leg work, you then change your story to leaning on it.Be careful what you write on a public forum mate;)


Claiming a wing mirror, albeit satisfying at the time, is an offence of Criminal Damage.

Criminal damage does not need to be done with ‘intent’ , accidentally is still supporting the offence so think before you intend to rearrange the bodywork…

Your on a bike, you shouldn’t lower your standards to his by ‘mixing’ it with him, clock his number and lose him…

then report him, we do take it up and there is nothing more sobering than sitting at home, having forgotten about your crossing swords earlier, and having old bill on your door reading the riot act…

then , of course his reg number is flagged so any further instances of this type gets held against him…

job’s a good 'un.

revenge is always tastier chilled.


i understand where you all comin from , for and against my actions. but beleive me this guy wanted to damage me. full stop. so heat of the moment i did what i did. it really f###s me off that i can take the time to be curtious to other road users, cos we all suffer from the cars against bikers situations and being curtious can only help to irradicate this:) but at the end of the day i never gave MY dinner money to the school bullies! hope this hasnt opened too big a can o worms:w00t:

I was intentionaly rammed by a van a couple of years ago and went under a lorry. I went to the police as there were cameras about. They gave me this silly little form to fill out, woudn’t let me speak to anyone to explain just told me to put it in this form. they really didn’t give a sht. The form was useless, no where near enough room to say what happened. Anyway about 6 months later I got a letter saying that the cameras didn’t see anything. Now thats bo**ocks, they either didn’t bother checking or none of the cameras were working as I know the cameras would of seen it all.So going to the police for something like that is a waste of time. Admitedly he probably hates bikes even more now you took his mirror but I would of done exactly the same, the rage would of taken over. If someone threatens you with there car then there threatening your life, and I don’t take kindly to that.You threaten my life your gonna pay. Me personaly would rather get them to stop so I can kick there fcking teeth in, or get mine kicked in:w00t: but thats just me:)

mmmm middle of brixton lots of dark traffic…mmmmmmmmm.lol had it been anywhere else . i wear back protection not a stab vest!!!. point about cctv and 5.0 accepted cheers mate