This is a rant, going to work this morning along the M25 through the road works where the lanes are narrow a bike went between me on the outside lane and a van in the middle lane and as he went by he turned his head and gave me the finger sign for not giving him any room.
Now the lanes are narrower than normal and any closer to the cones they would be flying around as i hit them, so i was not happy as i gave as much room as i could and being a biker i always give plenty of space to let the bike through. He was also going from lane to lane at speed through the road works.
It was a blue Suzuki Bandit with a pillion and the time was around 6.30am.
If this person is on here, please stop riding like a pri*k.

not me, my bandit is black, & i didnt know there was a 6.30 in the morning too :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, light blue bandit, top box? Satnav?

yeah i agree and would have given you the same sign :slight_smile:

+1 inconsiderate barsteward :hehe:

Which section of the M25? I was heading anti-clockwise towards Junc 7 this morning at that very time. If you saw a black fireblade looking like it was going in a hurry, it was me :smiley: