W*nkers at work

So got the one contractor who got his term extended - clearly out of favorism & how well he licks the bosses a**, sucks his c*ck & whatver else he does…?!

And the other one always talking about his wife and kids every minute - cannot even avoid his rubbish talk as he sits right opposite me urgh…! And i don’t give two shits about his family life…!

Is it just me or anyone else f*cked off with their job…?

tell him…“shut your noise, your boring” :crazy:

They’re not just at work…

Wouldn’t work with this guy - he’s American…explains it all huh…?! The bosses love his nonsense talk though…

maybe mess with his mind then?

Start talking sh*t back to him. make something up, tell him all English people do it :smiley:

earphones and the finger, aint subtle but it works. or hand over ears while shouting la la la la. equally blunt, but equally effective. Or do that very British thing and just call him a ****** with a smile on your face.:smiley:

Very good…i shall use these ideas in my last week here next month :smiley:

I count myself so lucky that there is no-one like that left in our office…at least you can hope that given enough time he’ll start to grate on the other employees and will be shown the door…

consider yourself lucky you dont work with a bunch of hysterical women.

and the music choice, ooh lord.

sometimes i just have to sneak in some violence in there just not to slash my wrists with the stanley knife :laugh:

how, quite, do you sneak in some violence? are you tripping people up in the corridors?

I facking hate my place. Full or shiteeeee i can rant on and on but it’s not worth my time! I’ll get wound up :w00t:

These pricks are here to stay - managers love such people…i’ll never understand why but that’s just how it seems to work in the corporate world

It’s not what you do these days, it’s what you’re seen to be doing. Too many lazy superficial w*nkers balls’ing things up at work, but as long as they toe the corporate line and kiss ass, they get on.

There’s a girl in my office who takes my jokes literally and tries to find a solution to them :blink:

I try to include all my staff in the ‘office banter’ but she’s such hard work and proper kills the vibe!

Try “You mistake me for someone who gives a ****” :smiley:

i wish.

swearing ever so often and some heavy metal :smiley:

I found I was the annoying one because I wouldn’t stop talking about bikes :ermm:

…then your only option is to help him get promoted and moved to head office as soon as possible :ermm:
…or there’s always sabotage…

push him down the stairs!

Stop whinging about it and move on or get with the program become a master c*ck sucker, get promoted and get rid of this guy.

I’m not sure how the “Beastie Boys” will help? :smiley: