W*nker on a super moto, southwark pk rd

Usually comes down grange rd into southwark park rd and does a right into st james rd all se16 just after 6pm.
blue and white ish supermoto.

You are a complete w*nker and will soon be laying in the middlle of some rd.

Firstencounter with said prick he over takes me in grage rd and soon realises theres an island and cuts me right up, 2nd encounter different day he had just turned into st james rd junction of southwark park rd and decides to pop a wheelie, this is rush hour traffic and he is coming straight at me head on in my/the opposite lane to him, i am in a car and believe me i am not gonna give way or swerve again, tosser!

It is the Supermoto way, deal with it:D

May well be the supermoto way, but it doesn’t change the end conclusion, i.e. he is a fatac waiting to happen, and probably already on borrowed time. Lets just hope he has no kids so we can nominate him for a Darwin.

Why you think its called super retarding :smiley:

Cant be me, wrong colour for starters and im in Afghan… :w00t:

Come on, own up… need some more mentalists to ride with :smiley:

It was me…

I commute that way everyday from Barcelona :slight_smile:
(I’m so used to riding on the other side of the road - my bad)


you must have it on video then :smiley:

the pope would ride like a hooligan if he had a supermoto:D

Saw one today in Stockwell swerve to the left inexplicably, nearly knocking a cyclist of his bike and then when the cyclist got alongside him and told him to start using his eyes he whacked open the throttle and nearly collided with a car due to his appauling control - kind of proving the cyclist’s point!

looks like and adapted off road bike too, small rear light and plate at front, think theres a small headlight.

Umm you do know what a proper tard is dont you? :w00t: Well you just described it :hehe:

He must be trying to make up for that then…


Hah, busted!:stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like a legend to me

Um…are there L-plates vaguely present on this vehicle?