Vulcan Bomber

We went to the the Abingdon Air show yesterday specifically to watch the Vulcan bomber.
For me this is everything about why Britain was/is great.
Here is one of the most iconic aircraft of all time, just like many British engineering projects it was revolutionary but was never fully exploited. It was scrapped but a group of fanatics said this is too important to let die forever, so they set about finding the enormous funding to bring it back to flight status.
There was a huge crowd almost all who stayed till the end to watch.
If you get a chance to see it fly and you appreciate beautiful engineering and design you will always remember it, for the grace, the power, the noise and the history. I’m so happy I had an opportunity.
Pictures are not great unfortunately. Here is a link which has details of displays for the rest of the year.


Whilst I wasn’t there yesterday, I’ve seen one before at airshows in years gone by…and I’ve never heard a louder plane

Concorde taking off at Heathrow? That was loud and impressive.