VTR 1000 SP1 & VTR 1000 SP2

Yes, this is for 2 bikes.

A Honda VTR SP1 track bike

A Honda VTR SP2 road bike

The track bike has track fairings on, but with the exception of a few parts could be put back to road trim from the included spares.

The road bike is completely standard other than a datatool S3 alarm

Both have been serviced regularly according to service schedules.

These bikes are 13+ years old, and for the most part in good cosmetic condition, but do have blemishes.

the SP2 has a cracked mudguard from when I accidentally rolled it back with a disc lock on it. and some scratching from moving the bikes around.

I have not crashed either bike during my period of ownership, and both have been well looked after.

I have owned the SP1 since 2010 and the SP2 since 2009.

Please note that the track bike has had a daylight use only MOT in the past, so can go on the road if you so wish, but the battery is flat from lack of use.

SP2 passed MOT in September with no advisories.

There is a whole host of spares for the bikes(listed below) also included.

The VTR SPs are real riders bikes, involving, and fun to ride.

They are both analog, with no electrical safety net, but predictable and rewarding to ride.

Riding either is a sense of occasion every time, if I could keep them I would.

I don’t have to sell these bikes, I just can’t really justify having them sitting around in my garage.

Bikes located in Oxshott, Surrey

Complete list of photos is in the link below.


List of spares;

Repaired top fairing

Inner cowl

Left & Right Cabin body panels

Right original red body panel with gravel rash 

SP2 Seat unit (well I think it is SP2) & undertray 

SP2 downpipes 

Power commander 3 

Brake disks (they were straight with no lip when they were put away) 

Original SP1 exhausts 

SP2 Akrapovic exhausts with link pipes (exhausts could do with a refresh, link pipes unmarked, titanium) 

Standard level exhaust mounts x 2 

Right hand light unit 

Rear axle 

After market top fairing 

SP2 Single seat cowl 

SP2 Fairing stay


SP1 Low level exhausts

Bikes are listed for sale on several forums

Looking for £7,500 for everything.

I might sell just one of the bikes, but I will not split the spares unless the bikes sell and the buyer doesn’t want them

Drop me an email, wyvern971 (at) gmail.com

Both gone now!! Hope the buyer enjoys them :slight_smile: