VR RC Plane, Very Cool!

RC Planes; fun right? Yep. Virtual Reality headsets, fun right? Yep. Join the two together and you’ve got this, an RC plane that YOU the pilot can see where it goes. You look up, the camera looks up, you look left, it looks left. I’d love to fly this around my town…

Thats crazy stuff!

A lot of the ‘impossible’ flying shots in films now are done by a bloke with an RC helicopter with a film camera mounted in the nose. He did a lot of the shots for the second Harry Potter film with the flying car alongside the train.


That VR thing is smart though - those planes can really move!

That’s amazing, although the music made me sick :-X

Awsome… till it goes out of range heh
Seriously though, i want one to add to my collection of flying toys