VPN code for my ipod Touch

anybody know how to setup my ipod touch with my vpn code, ive had so much aggro with this, im not really a patient person either and right at this minute i feel like thorwing my god damn ipod at a wall or something!

anyway, enough of that - most people wont even know what a VPN is but someone must do, i need help - Please!!

im using a internet (vodafone)dongle too and have a ‘mini dell inspiron 1010’.

:):slight_smile: thanks for any help - cheers!

isn’t the VPN written on the router?

i wish it was mate - would probally make things so much easier!

i dont actually have a router as it goes so i kinda dont wish it were to be fair, need it to be written elsewhere though!

i have one of them memory type (usb)stick things that provides me with internet access!

Don’t think you can connect that way, you need a router to create your VPN (Virtual Private Network) the USB thingy only provides connection to whatever its plugged into - a time capsule is what you want… if you have a MAC

i think you might be right!

i think i should give up now and admit defeat - ive been trying for the past few days and have got nowhere!! damn!!

Im guessing u wanna share ure internet connection from ure dongle to ure touch.

I think you need to just create a network bridge from your wifi card in your laptop to share your laptops internet connection (which is from the dongle). As soon as your laptop goes of so will your connection to the touch.

Does that make sense? It vista or xp its just create an ad hoc connecttion or something. Then u should search for that SSID on your touch.

You should be able to share files like that 2.

Hope that helps.