Voxx Helmets

Anyone seen these before? they looked a bit gimmiky to me, then I saw the second video of how to remove in an accident

Yeah, that’s a really nice idea that I’m pretty sure won’t catch on just because it’s not what people think a helmet ought to do. 

I quite like that in an emergency the hinge can be “unscrewed”

Looks as if it will cause more problems than it solves!

I remember when double ‘D’ rings started to gain in popularity, there were many instances of near strangulation when attempting to remove a helmet. Here we are 40 + years later and the ‘D’ ring concept still confuses.

@ NT . What was before double D ?

I wonder if they stock them at halfords XD!!!

Hah, yeah I’m not buying one unless they’re >£500. 

I’d really rather all helmets came with a sticker saying “Do not remove unless rider not breathing” - could be only thing holding their skull together.

If i were in an accident where my Lid would need removing i wouldn’t want to be wearing one that is held together by a Hinge that can come apart with one screw!!!

Unless i paid £500 obviously :slight_smile:

Two screws. Would you rather a strip of fabric, then?

No, just a complete solid shell with no hinges that could break apart if hit the wrong way, no test in the world can test for every eventuality of an accident.

@ NT . What was before double D ? Squishbang
D cup

Only available from Sydney Australia

OK, having done my Biker Down course & being a Trained First Aider (not trying to be a trumpet blower, and by no means a professional) a few things on this!!

If you need to remove the helmet,

1, you’re doing it as there is a real emergency (i.e. rider has stopped breathing), therefore fucking about with a screw driver is just endangering that life even more!

2, The damage is already done, as long as you safely remove the helmet the likely hood of you actually causing more damage is incredibly small…

3, The biggest issue of getting the crash hat off is the strap, and alot of helmet makers are actually now adding systems that allow for the straps to break away easily…

That helmet will not work IMHO as it is too floored!

Honestly if you want to understand more about this, get yourself on a biker down course.

I’ll let 'em know

3, The biggest issue of getting the crash hat off is the strap, and alot of helmet makers are actually now adding systems that allow for the straps to break away easily..

The Sleeper
Really? That seems odd - why bother with a strap at all if it's only going to break away when under load? And it's not like it ought to be particularly bothersome for a paramedic to just cut the strap in its current incarnation.

I thought helmet manufacturers had at last solved the ‘how does it undo’ confusion by attaching a red pull tag to the appropriate part of the strap/clasp. They even have them on the  latest batch of Halfrauds £30 specials, I wouldn’t know about the >£500 jobs, its possible a red pull tag could be the proverbial straw that breaks the ‘hype’ budget.

I’m now thinking Voxx have solved a problem that doesn’t exist!

Arai and other top end lids have pull tabs on the cheek pads that release the pads from the shell making removal of the helmet much simpler

Plus Are Voxx going to notify and train ALL emergency personnel in the art of their helmets removal system or will it come with an instruction manual
What hsppens on a helmet thats scraped down the road and caused damage to the screwhead area …
Nope i would still go for standard removal procedure .

@ NT . What was before double D ? Squishbang

It was actually the paramedic that showed me the new system as a couple of people above have mentioned red pull tags although there are 2 types (cannot remember the other) but at the moment it’s a bit vhs and betamax.

Will depend on sales