Vous parlez français!?


I am a French citizen living in London and I am keen to meet other riders in London that would either be French or speak French…the idea would be to share some experiences and points of view about the life of a rider in London…going on trips around England could be another option!

J’attends de vos nouvelles…

hi, though I’m not french I spent 13 years there and am completely fluent :smiley:

ok i’ll stop showing off now…

Welcome to LB!I’m afraid I’m not a great French speaker - I know enough to get by and enjoy trying to speak it (it’s a lovely language) but sadly you would be disappointed if you tried to converse with me in French.

This guy, on the other hand, presumably speaks it like a native - because he is. Try sending him a PM.

I can speak naff all french, sorry.

but welcome anyway!

Find yourself a nice English girlfriend and learn the intricacies of the language of Democracy :smiley:

Bienvenue a londrescyclistes.com :wink:

Language of Democracy my arse… Language of the masses maybe but that is about it.

londresmotorcuclistes.com by the way unless you started to race pushbike girl!!!

Just gave a call to some friend in France. He just confirm that they still have plenty of those laying about if you really that interested in French speaking riders!!!
As for me, the only people I speak French to are my daughter, my dog, and coppers when I get stopped…:smiley:
Not that I don’t want to speak French but unless everyone else in the room does also (rare situation as far as I know) I find it rude to use a language they don’t understand… I do want everyone to understand that I am insulting them :w00t:

ah ah ah

I ve got one mate!..and she is a rider!! This is to say how lucky i am.

Anyway, the reason why I want to meet up with French fellows here is simple, this website is obviously contradicting my point but as far as I am concerned it seems that there is no real sense of community among bikers over here. Everytime I travel to Paris on my bike, for just a week end or so, I am amazed by how friendly the other bikers are and well anybody on the road. Sure there are thoses occasional ‘chauffeurs du dimanche’ who totally ignore you on the road and may create hazard for you. However there are rules and most of the people stick to it. One rule is that you are faster that a car on a bike, no need to race…Over here in London I don’t see any rules, there is no consistency at all in the way people drive…left, right, who cares! I recently understood why drivers drive on the right hand side of the road, near the central line when well, i don’t think they are supposed to do that. Is it not because they are trying to leave some space for bicycles, isn’t? Or they simply feel like they are the only ones in the world, especially the ones crusing aboard a big Mercedes or BMW…I don’t know but I really find it dangerous to ride a bike over here…

I may add at that point that I see a clear analogy between the way people drive in this town and the nature of the relationships between people or communities over here. It is much more rigid in my country on that aspect…assimilation not integration, for better or worse…but hey I will stop here or you gonna tell me off for being too political!

Just when I thought aliens had kidnapped Fred and replaced him with someone with manners, he manages to put my concern to rest!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the site Onirik, my command of the French language could at best be described as schoolboy level, at worst it would be described as ‘merde!!’ :smiley:

Nobody is commenting on my previous post…?

Is it still happening the meetings on wednesday night at Borough market? How many people turn up usually? What do you do? Do you go for a ride across the city?

Yeah I’m great at French…don’t speak the language though…ber dum psssh!

Je peu parle Francais, mais pas tres bein… si tu m’donne une grande verre de pastis, peut etre je parle mieux!

Ok, if that made sense then we’re ok… if not, just give me your ‘51’ and we’ll have a laugh!

This all depends on the weather, if it’s cold and/or raining then turnout is very low. There is no riding across city, just meeting up and chatting. People can go on rideouts from there to the ace or somewhere else but this is not the norm. Checkout the rideout section for rides, the BM is a more of a social gathering.

Welcome to London Onirik! Dont take it personally buddie, just stick ya elbows out and get involved… :wink:

I haven’t commented on it because I don’t understand it from the words “over here in London” onwards.

Borough Market meets do happen on Wednesdays as long as the weather’s not too bad (as has already been mentioned), I’m sure all present will make you feel welcome :slight_smile:

Salut et bienvenue (à notre forum! Plusieurs d’entre nous sont francophones desormais le plupart ne peux guère comprendre les langues européenes. A mon part, je demeure à Londres et travaille dans l’Hexagone ou je parle en français; c’est mieux pour integrer et pour améliorer votre anglais :slight_smile:

Bienvenue a LB et a bientot j’espere, parce que j’ai besoin de parler francais beaucoup plus souvent qu’en ce moment, a moins de faire des virees en France. J’ai un frere a Paris, et ma belle mere dans le sud… Q

Show off!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Je ne savais pas qu’il y avais autant de francophones sur ce site, je suis assez etonne. (damn english keyboard, no accents)

Géniale ~ ! Au lieu de rencontrer à la LB massif pour discuter les motos et la vie en rose dans la zone de congestion, nous souhaitons à faire une rendez-vous à discuter la grammaire et la syntaxe de la langue des français de souches :smiley: