The Biker Bash Reviews are in The Rideout Forum

so you can stop whinging and get voting !!!..

Try to Remember what you read in the Rideout Post !!!

Dont put any comments or anything else other than you preferred named place !!

Process of elimination…

Angel - B&B facilities too

Barge - s**t facilities

Roundhill - NO PUB!

No contest

Luv Christine

yay! Although to be honest my bar bill could bankrupt a small country :slight_smile: But all donations of booze on the night (as well as food gratefully received!)


well done matt for taking the time to visit all these places.

what sort of timescale are we looking at to book this? as the schools break up soon which might make it a bit more difficult to get a big group booking?

Lets call it this time next week Chaz…so vote count on Wednesday and an Administration post Thursday Evening ??

perfect - then we can get into the date once we’ve chosen a venue - there’s no point talking about dates till we know what the venues availability is.


Ok fine by me…

((((((((((((((((vote closes Tuesday Night !!!))))))))))))))))))))))))

fine by me…thank you

Sorry Weaver I think you got confused there… take it from someone who’s been to them all :wink:

You meant THE BARGE INN…

he he - got to try - it’s all out war now! :wink:

Matt, what a great job mate! Thanks

I will go wih the BARGE INN one!

Ooooo looks like with 1 day to go The Barge Inn is steaming ahead!

By my count and this is by NO means official in any way shape or form…

Roundhill =1
Angel Inn =11
Barge Inn =17

So keep those votes coming in for THE BARGE INN!

You know it makes sense… cheaper too! (and better food)… did I mention it was cheaper?

And don’t forget this…


He he he… Going your way is it Matt… Ooooh, I’m so excited!!!