Vote Now to Influence the Bus Lane Debate

:w00t:Apologies to Guilliano but I thought this one deserved another thread. :w00t:This is the sort of thing that does influence the politicians. Get voting!!:w00t::w00t:

Please vote on this link:

Currently voting’s at 50 50, but the problem with these kind of votes is that a lot of the voters don’t have any connectin to biking at all. Not all Standard readers know all the salient points or have any actual interest or connection to the issue … kind of like voting for your MP when you haven’t actually read the manifesto…bit daft really, so if it really does affect government that’s a bit worrying… cos there’s more people out there with no connection to our form of transport than with a connection… which means the out-dated stereotypes are what’s influencing their vote…

You are right of course but it doesn’t cost anything (other than two clicks of the mouse) to register your vote. Might as well!

The Standard has been published - I have seen a paper copy - and the result is given as 50/50. It is a shame we couln’t get a better result as although these votes are meaningless, even a 51/49 vote in our favour would have helped counter the cycle lobby. Yesterday evening when I discovered the poll and publicised it her we were ahead 53/47.

Ooops! Stoopid me… didn’t notice the date on the post…shuffles away embarassed…:doze:

yes its a bummer but I have still voted and its at 51/49…