Volvo estates drive themselves

They must be really good cars. At least this bloke on the M4 westbound thinks thay are.

Saw him coming up really fast in the outside lane. I’m doing 80 so pull over let him past. VRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMM Steams past me at well over 100 mph. I did notice he was on the phone. Little further up the road I see him pull over to the middle lane. I continue at the same speed and over takes him. Looks into his car and he is there on the phone, laptop open on his lap, briefcase open on the passenger seat and he is stretched across pulling out papers. I pull in in front of him and next thing, Woooooosh he’s off again. I think well lets just see what he’s doing. Lets just say it was definitely well over the ton. He pulls over again, I go past, him still on the phone still with briefcase and laptop etc. and off he goes again. I decided to get a cuppa. Safer. Times I would like to be a traffic cop :slight_smile:

At least he was doing something productive. The guy I passed the other day in similar circumstances had the newspaper spread across his knees! I didn’t stick around to see whether he’d completed the su-doku

I kind of want to swerve at these people, horn blaring, to see what panic does when they’re not in control.

If traffic is slow moving enough I do in my truck…makes the buggers jump an look where there going :smiley:

Probably the same as it does when they think they’re in control ! :stuck_out_tongue:

You should have took his wing mirror with you pal.