Volunteer Blood Couriers


I have tried to search the forums but to no avail. I think a few weeks ago, someone put up a post about blood couriers that give up their own time to run blood around the country.

As I cannot donate blood I would like to play my part (especially to fallen comrades) and maybe do a couple of days a month.

However, for the life of me I cannot remember who put the post on.

Can anyone help ??


Chaz :slight_smile:


Thats the bad boy.

Thank you

Are there any other companies apart from SERV that do this volunteer work ? Maybe in the Kent / Surrey area ?


My understanding is that there are various companies that do this during office hours on a commercial basis. The whole point of SERV is to provide the service “out of hours” as it were. I am not sure what would be gained by having more than one organisation like SERV covering the same area.

Thats cool, Just wondering.



i was looking at these, shame i havnt done IAM though! one day when i’m back on a road bike and a bit more sensible:D