Volkswagen CC 2.0 TDI CR 4dr £3,500 ONO *SOLD*

My good friend and housemate sadly has to move back abroad due to family issues. He has already sold his kawa. The only thing left before he leaves in a few weeks is his car.

In great condition. MOT due 10/05/2020. 3 previous owners. 125k miles. £3,750 ONO

More details and pictures can be found here:

Price decreased to £3500 ONO.

Sold. Thank you for your attention.

Someone bought a diesel in 2019?

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And they were quite happy to do so. Maybe they’re from outside London, where the regulations aren’t as strict :man_shrugging:

If it’s Euro6 it’ll be ok. I think there will be a market for retro fit emission kits soon to keep our oil burners on the road. There is already a manufacturer in Germany.

I was thinking more of the issue with diesels basically becoming worthless soon as EV adoption rises, not to mention dieselgate showing them for what they are.

Whilst a little more niche, it served as an early warning for us of things to come when we saw the value of our 3L turbo petrol car drop 50% in the three years we had it. This was the tipping point for us. We sold it and get an EV.

Ah, yes, the EV adoption is definitely increasing. That being said, ICE is still dominating for the time being.