voice work

who wants to get involved?

basically all you are required to do is read one of the sentances at the bottom of the post in whatever way you think is most fitting, record it as wav or mp3 (I’d prefer wav) and email therzla{ta}gmail.com the wav and mp3 with the subject TOP SECRET

“This was literally the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. Probably because I’m high.”

“some peoples knowledge of english is so poor they should ride a scooter into a car themselves… and hopefully the first thing the car driver will do just like this crash, is to turn his wipers on”

you won’t be paid for your work, but if this project takes off and you continue to contribute then you will be compensated.

Looking for any accent in particular?
I can do a few quite well.

anything that you think works rather well.

all that I ask is that its clear

And what happens to the recordings of the dulcet tones when you have them?:w00t:

they will be used in animations and put into videos on youtube.

the project is long term and its not a 1 off

I will be doing some voice work on it myself but nothing which is meant to be funny, I have a pretty bland voice as you can hear from here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wB2WpKJ3g8