vodafone users

If you have a Vodafone Mobile that is locked, vodafone will now unlock them for free.
Not too sure if it is to do with a new law coming along, but call vodafone customer services on 191.

Contract phones of any age, even expired contract ones. They will also unlock contract phones recently taken out within 12 months.
PAYG phones have to be at least 12 months old.

They just need your IMIE number (type *#06# on the handset). They will then tell you the unlock code to un-restrict the handset and instructions. They know the phone make from the system after they have your IMIE.

I have just unlocked a new N95, and a dead old Motorola no problems.
Get digging them old phones out of the draws.

Apparently you can also request this online if you have a online vodafone account.