Basically I want to be able remotely log onto the desktop of my physical server hardware to do remote administration using my Android phone.

I’ve been trying VNC, but for some reason the mouse and keyboard don’t work unless the physical hardware counterparts are plugged into the server and a log on Ctrl + Alt + Del is not recognised when I select it from the application menu unless a keyboard is plugged in. Strange.

Does anyone know how to get around this, or are there any other alternatives that work with an Android client?

try Ctr + Alt + End dunno if it’ll work with android though

The problem is that my client keyboard and mouse is not working on the host, but I’ll give that a go.

There are RDP clients for Android google:android remote access pc

I’ve not tried any. But why would you want to remote into your desktop on a tiny screen! eesh!

If its just a question of remote controlling mouse / keyboard there is PRemoteDroid, but it only works over bluetooth or (W)LAN.

Have you looked into LogMeIn?

I use it on my Android, although I do have a keyboard and mouse plugged in to my file server, I think you can send th Ctrl+Alt+Del and other commands from your phone.

It was the VNC server software that was the problem in the end.

I changed it to Tight VNC and the keyboard and mouse problems disappeared, but performance is not as good.

Not tried Logmein Andy, but I’ll probably switch to using an RDP client on Android (although the cheapest one is £15 which I think is too steep).