visor solution when wet

Hi all
I have gt air helmet and when it rains I can’t see nothing.
Tried to turn my head left and right to get the water to flow away but does not work. Probably not going fast enough.

I’ve tried a solution from Amazon. Can’t remember the name but not a branded name. For water displacement, worked for 5 min and stopped.

What do you guys use to dispel the water away?

my left hand normally

My wet Willy

+1  ^^^^

and Mr Sheen

Nikwax did a solution. I found it made an improvement but needed quite a liberal amount on it. Also, after the morning run to work, it would need re-applying for the evening.

I always just used my figure or went a bit faster… I used that little finger wiper but didn’t really like it… 

the left thumb of both my waterproof gloves have a rubber squeegee that’s pretty effective

For visor treatment, I use Raincoat occasionally (when I remember) and it’s pretty good - I have the old waxy version though, not tried the new spray

hairspray works too

Thanks guys for all your replies. I have gone for the left hand finger solution.

I’ve got some tiny silicone wipe on the end of my fingers on my gloves but they just are useless.

Will let you know how I get on.

Mr Sheen and left finger