Visor rain repellant

Just wondered if anyone can recommend or comment on visor rain repellants? Products like this?

I’ve used these kind of products on car windscreens before just wondered how they work on helmet visors? Worth using it or not?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Mr Sheen shines umpteen things clean

You mean Mr Sheen furniture polish? I wasn’t after a cleaning product, just wondered if rain repellant products are worth applying to helmet visors? These products work quite well on car windscreens - i.e. you don’t even need to use the wipers most of the time - do they help with helmet visors though?

Mr sheen leaves a polish coating on the visor, rain rolls off

I use one, nikwax possibly? can’t remember the brand name…

Works really well, once you get some windblast on your visor the water just slides off it

Nice one, I’ll give that a try :slight_smile:

Cheers that’s the kind of thing I’m after, I’ll try that if Alex’s Mr Sheen suggestion don’t work for me :slight_smile:

just move your head left - right. rain will slide off. you do need to be going above walking pace tho :wink:

If I duck behind my screen, the turbulent air pushes water down of the visor- works above 60mph

Silicone spray may be better than Mr Sheen if you want to buy a seperate product:

I use the nikwax stuff and it’s pretty good… You have to get up to some speed (i.e. 30+mph) for the visor to clear completely but it does help as the water does bead and roll off…

what Pan says though is true… at good speeds, simply turning your head will make the water roll off. The difference with using these products is that the turn is much much much less…

I rode 100miles on Friday in the torrential downpour and had used the spray on my visor the same morning… Halfway through the trip I recon most of it had got washed out so the water wasn’t rolling off as much… It does a good job but has limitations!

Oh and you have to use a lot more than the 2 prescribed squirts the bottle says you should! :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestions, no doubt for most of you going over 60mph in 2nd gear and moving your head from side to side is a viable solution, however for me on this 125 hitting 60 is something I have to plan about half an hour in advance with a downhill incline in my favour and the wind at my back :smiley:

For that reason I went for some of these. Quote from webpage: “Unlike some other popularly used products we know motorcyclists like to use (designed for Glass windscreens), it won’t degrade the anti-shatter properties of plastic visors and it also contains no quick-fix, gone in a moment slippery silicone!”