Visor products to prevent misting/fogging up

I’m currently riding about in a Bell M3R helmet, was nice cheap clearance lid off Amazon, good safety rating, but it’s pants in the wet and cold. It fogs up instantly (even with nose guard in place and lower chin mesh removed). It has good free flowing vents, but they just let the spray in and give you a brain freeze! Cracking open the visor slightly just causes water to run down the inside of the visor and seep up from the lower edge too. Worst of all, there’s no Pinlock available for this lid, in fact being end of line, there’s no replacement visors available anywhere for it!

So, before I bin this lid and buy something decent (yeah, buy cheap - buy twice etc, I know), what can I use to put on the inside of the visor to prevent the fogging up?

Charlie: you recommended me some wax the other day, but I canna recall it’s name now!

I use dishwasher rinse-aid.

Pledge for te outside, it helps the water bead off, for the inside you could use washing up liquid, Muc off do a de mist spray, whatever you use the plan is to just put a very thin coating on the inside of the visor, as such you use a TINY amount.

Get a Fog City insert if you can still find them. Don’t wipe the inside when it’s on

I’ve used Bob Heath anti fog spray in the past, it works ok but you need to reapply fairly regularly -

I would first clean off any chemical residue with toothpaste and then apply thin coat of washing up liquid. You can then test it by running some cold water over the outside of it and breathing out on the inside of the visor. No need for the expensive stuff.

Used to use washing up liquid on the inside- then I got pinlock!

Something like this?

I’ve tried the various sprays and ‘catcrap’ without lasting success, but maybe I produce too much hot air :laugh:


pinlock insert and you’ll forget what fogging is. Last helmet I bought came with it already installed.

Yep, put a Pinlock in my last lid, and yep, I wouldn’t hesitate to get another. I just can’t get one for this Bell M3R. :frowning:

you could get universal one and drill the holes