Visiting Ross

Hi All,

I have had a call from Debbie (Ross,s Sis) and she would really appreciate it if we can get some sort of order in to the visiting as true to form Londonbikers have banded together and got up and shown face but…

Its not going down to well with the Hospital and the eratic visits to bedside aint doing Ross no good where it comes to Hospital Guide Lines in regards to him getting rest after eating and so on and so forth !

So …

Can we have some sort of order where we arrange groups at set times please.

Debbie has said that us “Biker People” (her description) have lifted his spirits and more more more please !!

I,ll personally get in touch with “Pierre” to get over from France to give him a cuddle

Thank you all for your concern and shown of support = Debbie

Pierre love it!! Mate when u see him tell him 2 get better from me and sorry i cant make not anywhere near London at the mo…