Visiting London in December, what shouldn't I miss?

Hi guys!

I’ll visit London for a couple of days, and would appreciate some suggestions on what bike-related places I need to visit. :wink:

What do say about The Ace Cafe and London Motorcycle Museum. Are they worth the visit?

I’m in to both old bikes like my Bonnie '68 and newer ones like my Monster '04.

Is there any large bike or accessories store located fairly close to the central parts of London?

Cafe definitely worth a visit. Check out whats going on, on their website. The museum is relatively close by and worth a visit IMHO.

yup pop along to the Ace and if your really unlucky you might even meet some planks from here :D:D:D

surprised no one said borough market?

Borough Market :wink:

Why not hire a bike and join one of our ride outs?